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Beware: Phaet/Heml0cke/Orange.Pekoe/Momo

WHO: Phaet/Heml0cke/Orange.Pekoe/Momo

WHERE: (most all links have NSFW content) (Where I ordered my commission) (New account) (current FA)
Inactive FA accounts:
There could be more, but those are the ones I've seen.

WHAT: a $20 flat colour picture of my character Aero dressed as the character Draculaura

WHEN: I contacted her the 27th of April 2013 after she had emergency rent commissions. She was paid on the 28th. I still have not received my artwork.

PROOF: I have links to journals and to screen shots in case she deletes anything. Inkbunny has fuzzy dates, but I did the best I could at making as exact dates as possible.

I saw a journal listing emergency commissions, so I decided I wanted art from her. My close friend Iviv offered to pay for it for me since he gets a lot of art drawn by me, and I agreed. I handled all the details and he handled the payment. I now notice she never listed me in her queue. ( )
The price chart was deleted, so I sadly can't list or screen that. I contacted her via Inkbunny notes and worked out the details. ( )
It was paid for by my close friend Iviv on the 28th of April. He sent $20.90 to her. Just a note, she does list her e-mail publicly in journals, so I didn't blur hers out. ( )
I'm not sure which came first, as Ink Bunny has fuzzy dates for journals. Around June, she took and finished some commissions ahead of her queue and promised her first batch drop offs. ( )
I note her for an update on the 17th of june. She says that she's sketched my commission and that I am immediately after a large commission ahead of me. ( )
She takes more commissions, but none of these have been done, to my knowledge. (
In July, I ask for another update. She tells me she has a problem commissioner from the new batch and mine is coming soon. ( )
Late july, she makes another mass drop off post. I express excitement to see mine, but also notice the comment above me that someone else is trying to get ahold of her for their art. ( )
There was no mass drop off, or any art being posted at this time. I wait a bit and in august she promises yet another mass drop off because she's moving. ( )
By now, I am getting discouraged and suspicious about all these mass drop off promises without seeing any art posted, so the 9th of August, I contact her again. She claims my image was done, but she had to redo it because she rushed through. She explains that she's been down about her art because of something another client said to her. She promises to send me my image before the mass drop off she had planned. I do ask if I could post it if she doesn't drop off like she said she would again. I get a bit more optimistic. However, she never mails the picture. ( )
On the 29th of August, I note her again, but it is still not responded to. ( )

I find out through another Artist Beware, that she has a new handle she hopped to. This made me a bit upset. She didn't inform me as a client about this. I did find that she posted a shout on her own page. Her gallery is now at ( )
The profile of her page claims that everyone is finished and will get their art. ( )
on the 5th of October, I send her a rather to the point note. I am very unhappy about the turn of events. As of writing this, it has not been responded to. ( )
On the 7th of October I e-mailed her. I decided to ask for a refund if she can not provide the art. Iviv and I agreed on the date of the 12th to give her before we start working on a charge back. As of writing this, it has not been responded to. ( )
I have left a shout on her new account to contact me. I see that I'm not the only one. ( )

EXPLAIN: I commissioned Heml0cke to draw a picture of my bat Aero cosplaying as Draculaura from Monster High. I'd seen that she had previously done commissions and her prices were very good. My close friend paid for the commission, as he likes to get art from me in exchange and let me deal with the details. I feel bad that this happened on something he paid on for me :/

She took on commissions after mine that were finished during a stream that I watched. At the time, I didn't think much of it, so long as my picture is finished. She gave several promises of "Mass drop offs" of her commission work, but never posted a thing. I asked for a few updates, but was given excuses and promises of "soon." She was featured on artist beware recently, and I learned that she had a new account and that she had several inactive accounts and names. This was unsettling to me. I sent her new account a note, and then sent her an e-mail. She claimed in her profile that the art was completed. I asked for the art or a refund to be sent to me before the 12th of October. That day has come and gone with no response. Iviv has contacted paypal on this and did try filing a dispute on the transaction. It was past 45 days, but they are now looking into her account. Hopefully more will get in contact with paypal about her.

Edit 2/22/2014: Last night the artist sent me my image. I was pleasantly surprised to see it and it is very lovely! It seems she's posted a couple more commissions as well. I hope it's a trend in her improving her workload and getting things to others that have posted about her as well. It can be marked as resolved in my case, thankfully. here's the finished work.
Tags: artist-phaet/heml0cke/orange.pekoe, resolved

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