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Artist - Sharpe19 UPDATE 2

WHO: Sharpe19


Refurbishment of fursuit head, with new body suit and paws.

It started off as me purchasing a pre-existing fursuit from her, but due to personal commitments the payments became slightly delayed.
She then proposed to refurbish Duke, who was actually made by her friend, saying she had the materials to make him into a fullsuit.
I explained the head had issues (ears falling off, eyes popping out, teeth fallen out) and asked if she could refurbish him as well. This was agreed on October 23rd 2012.

WHEN: Payment was already received in October as stated in first screenshot, however it was agreed I’d need to pay more for further refurb work but she said she’d quote me after the work was done.

I needed to get a DtD done, so Duke was shipped internationally to Sharpe slightly later than this being agreed on, she received Duke on the 28th of December.
Same day she told me that Duke would be worked on as a commission in February.


I fully understand that this commission got off to a rocky start, and Sharpe19 in messages has been nothing but polite. However the issues started occurring after February.

I heard pretty much nothing of progress until the end of February, where I received the following note.

I replied asking on the new estimated date because February had been and gone.

A month passed, no progress had been shown and given the time between international shipping and customs, I realized that it probably wasn’t going to be possible to get Duke here on time. So I politely told her not to worry as honestly I didn’t want her to rush completing a commission because quality may of suffered as a result.

Again, no progress was actually shown. She then claimed to be working on the bodysuit, photos of progress were requested.

No photos were received. I proceeded to send forward a message explaining my feelings to this situation in a fair way. She replied saying she had supposedly already sent the photos earlier in the week.

Day later she uploaded a ‘sneak peek’ into her gallery.

A half headview of the finished product.

A full turn around of Duke’s refurbished head was then emailed to me later.

As you can see, it has serious muzzle issues, it’s extremely uneven and not up to the quality I’m used to seeing from her. It was actually pretty upsetting to see.

Above is the original head for comparison.

I ended up sending out further messages asking if this could be corrected. She agreed, but was unable to complete it before going on a business trip.

She then put up a journal with Duke in the list of done things. Again I’ve requested photo proof; again she agreed to send them.

However, she has failed to reply further, but has instead, uploaded two journals (proving she’s seen that I’ve explained I haven’t received any photos), and has also uploaded photos of a resin base that she made, and then re-made.
In this commission period she has also made personal suits despite her owing attention to other projects. I am by this point feel like I’m being strung along with little hope of her actually completing a commission that was supposed to be worked on in February. She’s continuously told me dates, and has missed them, while churning out other suits and suits to sell.
I’ve been promised photo proof of progress time and time again, she so far has only shown me a ‘finished head refurb’ that is frankly, subpar to her normal work. And has failed to show any corrections.

I feel very much like Sharpe19 has not taken my commission seriously. And I no longer want to play the game of cat and mouse by notes.
I didn’t want to submit an Artists’s Beware but her professional standards have been awful.
I would very much like to be able for my commission to be completed, to standard, in a reasonable time, which currently isn’t happening.


I woke up this morning to new photos, which were unexpected and I'm a lot happier given this development.

New muzzle, nose is being remade (it's a placeholder)

I feel that Sharpe19 deserves credit for taking this so well too. She has continued to be understanding and polite and is clearly working hard to fix the unhappiness of this commission.


No more contact or progress has been made since 21st October. Suit is now 9 months overdue.
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