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Beware: Kit on Deviantart [RESOLVED]

REAL FINAL EDIT (12/09/2013): I've been refunded. That's all I wanted. Thanks everyone.

EDIT (10/27/2013):
It is safe to say that Kit has scammed me, she wont open my notes. She wrote a journal about leaving deviantART without refunding me or talking to me about it, also leaving her other commissioners in the dark. Please do not commission this artist, she is rude, condescending, and has no intention of ever giving you your art or money.

EDIT (10/14/2013): Still no update or word from Kit, needing advice on what I should do?

EDIT (10/11/2013 10PM PST): Kit did not refund me the day I received those notes as she said (October 6 2013). She said she started the commission ( she was also being rude, yet again, with the "don't you fret" I may be being a bit sensitive, but still. That note was the first time ever hearing that she started my commission. At this point in time I have not seen the actual "sketch". I replied to the note saying that I never saw it and she said it was not her fault she didn't show each individual customer ( So I have no art, and no money at this point in time.

I have done business with Kit countless times, everything went smoothly except this recent time where I had commissioned her for adoptables.


WHERE: Deviantart

WHAT: $8 Custom adoptables

WHEN: I commissioned her October 20th, 2012, and asked for a refund April 12, 2013

First contact note:
Paypal Payment:
My saying I had no time for streams but she could continue on anyway:
A note in Dec saying she'll start it soon
I sent a note in Feb asking for an update
Asking for a refund/more excuses:
Unread note
September update:
Her reply in Sept:
Oct 2013 update:
Her replies:,, ( <-- Unlinked img in the explain

EXPLAIN: Last October I commissioned Kit for custom adoptables. She noted me asking if I wanted her to make a few and then pick from them (, it all equaled up to be $8 which I paid the next day ( The notes were a bit informal since we were good acquaintances. At first she offered to set up a stream and do them, but I continually couldn't make it whether it be with school or just being busy, I felt bad, but told her to do them anyways.

She was extremely nice and I couldn't wait ( Fast forward to December with no updates prior other than payment, she notes me saying she'll be getting to them next ( I honestly was ridiculously patient, I didn't mind. I am not the kind of person to pester other people about owed art so I didn't bug her, however, February rolls around with no updates so I note her (, poking her for a little update. I didn't expect the art to be done but just a little reassurance that she didn't forget would be nice.

She replies, saying her USBs broke etc, I said I understood.

So... now it's April with absolutely no updates from the last note I received. At this point in time I was saving up to move. I had asked her for a refund ( and she replies saying her car was broken and she needed to move soon, and that her USBs were still broken. She said it would be easier if I just waited for the art. She also kind of made me feel bad for not keeping up with her journal updates. This struck me as a bit odd, but oh well. I felt a bit biffed at this point, because either option didn't seem likely, especially waiting for the art. I replied saying I was saving up to move and needed every dime I could get, she did not read this note however (

It's now September with no updates or any reply/regard to the last note I sent to her. I note her again, asking for my refund ( in which she replies saying she already sent it? Which she didn't. I completely honestly didn't understand this note at all, but I understood she was making adopts and was going to make a nice chunk of money, and would refund me ( the other stuff, I really do not know. I replied with my paypal address and waited.

It's now one month later and no adoptables have been made, so I note her asking again ( This part just, rubs me the wrong way. She replies in three notes, snarkily, saying she cannot afford it but will send me $1-2 every week, since it's bugging me "so" much, just so the annoying incessant notes stop ( Honestly, I 'bugged' her every two-three months, this part just made me incredibly angry.

The second note, she's guilting me saying OTHER people are being more patient than I am, and that she is thankful for it. She is also making me feel bad for asking for my $8 back, making it sound like it's more trouble to give it to me ( Also that real life is much more important, but since I could REALLY use the money she would be "going out of her way" to give it to me so I stop complaining. She also says she did the art, which she DIDN'T, and that I "changed my mind". I changed my mind, yes, six months later because there were no updates other than "I'll get to its".

Nowhere was I rude in my notes asking for updates or refunds. She went out of her way to be condescending to me, making me feel like I was burdening her with my request. Comparing me to her "other patient customers" and that my money must be really "troubling" me.

This was completely uncalled for, I honestly didn't mind waiting, but the rudeness that followed was just too much to bite my tongue on. She seemed nice, and I enjoyed her art, but this left a terribly bad taste in my mouth.
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