Karja (ginkaruja) wrote in artists_beware,

Just A Bit Confused

Two years ago I commissioned a dude to do an ears, tail, and paws set. I sent payment in full, and things have kinda been up and down for me since then. I checked in a few times, and it's not that I haven't heard from him, because I have. The dude wasn't able to finish the paws and offered a refund for them when he sends the ears and tail. Last date of me sending an email was this last Feb. 5th. All he needed to do was to get a box. X3 Is it really that hard to find a box? I wouldn't mind if it takes a while for him to put the money together, I really don't, I would like to email him again but I don't want to be a 'pest' about it and make him shut off/down even though everything is finished. I just don't know what to say exactly I guess and I don't know how long to wait between emails.
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