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Falvie Master Post

This is a master post for the artist Falvie:

Currently, Falvie is undergoing a gathering of all previous customers and this post is to clarify who has, and has not, been added to her lengthy queue. Currently she is unable to use her account over at Furaffinity for contact. I will edit this with contact info, should she come and post it here and wish it to be available.

Please feel free to post the following if you are a customer of Falvie's:

- Date of Ordering:
- Price:
- What you ordered: (keep brief please)
- Are you wanting a refund?: Y/N

Please do not make any comments here unless you are one of her customers or Falvie herself, as we are trying to give her every chance possible to make things right. If you want to discuss more on this topic, you are free to head on over to this post for more recent information -

Do not harass the artist posted here, or any of her helpers/assistants. Please keep in mind that this post is genuinely to give Falvie a chance to compile lost customers for her master list. You may link this post to customers who are not aware of AB, and may wish to add their commission to this post.
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