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Beware/Lost Contact: Goldbryn

This is my first time submitting a beware so sorry if there are any errors. All of the links should be fixed now at least.

WHO: Goldbryn


WHAT: A digital full body no background picture of my Bug Sona King Gigabyte

WHEN: Feb, 13th, 2013, I payed for the commission and never received it.

PROOF: (Proof of payment) (Asking about the commission and then paying for it Feb 13, 2013) (First sketch received Feb 19, 2013) (May 21st, 2013 Asked for a commission update but message never went through) (May 23, 2013 After skype failed tried to contact on DA, Asked about a possible refund but offered to wait a little bit longer. Note was read but unanswered) (Asking for  A refund October 1, 2013)

EXPLAIN: Originally I had commissioned my at the time friend Goldbryn, for a full body digital picture of my Bugsona King Gigabyte. We discussed the details on skype and they agreed to it. I asked if it was alright to wait until a friend finished a previous image for the reference. So we agreed. After a while the image was indeed finished and I sent it to Goldbryn. I've only seen a sketch of the commission which was going to be redone at the time to go with a new concept due to some parts of it being wrong. I offered to wait until I had a proper ref of my idea. Once they approved of it I waited for a second sketch which I never received and after that I hadn't heard any thing since then.

Later I tried asking about it via skype but when the message did not go through I tried sending a note on deviantart asking about it. The note was read but ignored.

The problem was after a while they completely disappeared off of the radar and i've tried multiple ways to contact said person. At this point after having waited almost a year I just want a refund and though i've asked several times i've gotten no response. I'm not sure if their on Deviantart any more or on hiatus it's hard to tell. No new art has been uploaded but for a while they where active on their tumblr blog before disappearing from there to.

I've sent multiple asks over Tumblr that went unanswered in hopes for a refund. I
no longer have the original sketch they sent, and most of the contact was via tumblr asks in an effort to get in contact for a refund. My friend told me about their Deviantart page where I once again asked for a refund if they could not complete the art or had no time any more which was on
May 23, 2013.

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