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Beware: Breadpuddi

WHO: Breadpuddi

WHERE: http://breadpuddi.tumblr.com (NSFW)
http://exquisitecharmboutique.tumblr.com/ (NSFW)
http://breadpuddi.deviantart.com/ (abandoned)

WHAT: Three art pieces

WHEN: December 17th 2012 - now

PROOF: Her post regarding commissions (take note of the prices) : http://i736.photobucket.com/albums/xx10/szayel_dollx/proof1_zps3887a712.png
Proof of payment: http://i736.photobucket.com/albums/xx10/szayel_dollx/proof8_zps49965af2.png
Email conversation (from bottom up):

Sketch provided:
Her post about her hiatus:

Near Christmas time, Breadpuddi posted that she would be taking commissions. I had been wanting to get art for me and my best friend of our characters as a Christmas gift, so I jumped at the chance. I emailed her and I was sent back a total. That's when my first red flag shot up. She asked me for a total of 25 when my calculations only added up to 14. I, unfortunately, did not say anything as I figured that I had just miscounted...or That it was more because I had asked for more. I paid in full and waited. I shot her a few asks here and there...and They went ignored. I will give her that tumblr does have a nasty habit of eating asks. I shot her a few emails here and there as well, but didn't get a reply til the one up in April. Up to this point, she had been updating her own art. I have no issue with personal art being posted as I find it important...its a good break. I just was a little put off by the lack of an update. There was little to no speak of the commissions and never any posted. She provided me with a sketch of the two pony couples and I was delighted, thinking that it meant that they were close to done. I was disheartened to find out that my other couple hadn't even been started, but I figured not to push it to far. A few more months....no more updates. She has posted less and less...though I chocked that up to stress. Finally, due to a personal issue with money, I ask for a refund. I don't really expect in full since I did get a sketch...but I feel I'm entitled to a bit of one at least. After my email, she posted she was going on a hiatus. (This was a week and few days ago. I honestly do find this to be a coincidence.) Still waiting for a reply...I will update this when I get one! I desperately want to clear her name, but I really can't til I'm given a refund or a product...): She honestly seems like a nice person! So I hope this gets resolved...):
Edit: I have located her rp blog which is active. I have attempted contact with her and sadly I feel like its been ignored. Time will tell.
Got a hold of her and turns out that my emails were disregarded due to the fact that I use the same name (bunny) as another commissioner and she thought they were duplicates. (Compleatly understandable due to not only the commoness of the name but also gmail sorts things kinda funny. So no harm no fowl on that part. :) )
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