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How long is Too Long?

This will be purposefully somewhat vague because I don't want to really escalate the situation if it doesn't need to be. There is a large possibility that I may be over-reacting.

Let me start by saying that this is over a fursuit and another fursuit-related item by the same person, the total of both is approximately ~$1100 (all paid in full). The former was commissioned first, the other item later. The partial was started but not completed. The person, meanwhile, has completed other things on their queue that came after mine. I realize and expect some people jump around with their queue, but I've gone months without any updates whatsoever.

Its been about two years since I paid off the partial and a year for the other item. I haven't given a deadline which was probably my first mistake, but honestly I don't go to many events and didn't want to put stress on them. I know other people have had trouble with them before with contact or updates, one of which I know had a deadline. But I can't really speak for them, so.

Advice on what to do? I consider this person a friend and don't want to come off as combative.
Tags: advice for commissioners
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