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Beware: SonicDash/zekrom0695

$10 bust shot commission

Sept 7th (commission started)
Sept 9th (commission approved and payment sent)
Sept 10th (paypal reversal)

Start of the commission(blanked out for art description). Sketch approval(had to redraw it a few times). And payment agreement.

Paypal transaction (The sent payment and payment reversal)

I contacted him on tumblr about not getting paid for my commission.

Tumblr replies; people telling me he's done this before, and my short history with him. He replies telling me I'm taking it too far.

Journals on his tumblr


So, I opened up bust shot commissions on Sept 7th to help pay a rather large dental bill. SonicDash/zekrom contacted me interested in a commission, details were exchanged, etc. On Sept 9th I showed a rough sketch(after a couple redraws) and it was accepted, then I asked for payment and he said he had sent it(and it was, I checked paypal). ((Later he also messaged me through FA, telling me that he was SonicDash from Tumblr. I had no idea he hand an FA account and had I known beforehand I wouldn't have taken the commission, but I really needed money and I had already started the commission. Should have known better))

So, I started coloring the commission, I never finished it, but I got an email yesterday from paypal for a payment reversal for 'unauthorized account activity claim'. So, I messaged him on tumblr asking if I'm ever going to get my payment, and he claims that his parents took/deleted his paypal account so he is unable to pay for his commission.

I was clearly upset, so I made an awareness journal about him on tumblr. I then had replies telling me the same exact thing has happened to them with commission payments recently (also a friend told me that he tried commissioning him that very same day all the reversals were happening), and his behavior towards other artists.

He's made a few reply blogs. Explaining his situation. He says his parents shut down/deleted his paypal account because they thought he was stealing money from them (and apparently threatening to call the cops on him). He also says he's going to pay everyone back eventually.

Now, I know (if that situation is even true) that sucks. I'm sorry that is happening, but it is still unacceptable to commission a lot of artists and have all their payments returned. It's irresponsible, and if you don't have that money in the first place, you shouldn't be spending it.

I would just suggest everyone else to just not accept commissions from him until he gets his stuff straightened out.

I've also contacted FA staff about him about 10 days ago, have yet to hear back from them.

UPDATE: As of October 20th, the payment has been received and the issue is resolved.
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