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Commissioner Beware: Kanel

WHO: Kanel


WHAT: One full-body rough commission of two characters ($35) taking and finishing newer commissions while mine has been (and still is) waiting for almost 2 years now

WHEN: This began December 8th, 2011. I paid for two commissions, one was finished and delivered shortly after in a very timely manner, the second one is still in it's 'preview' stage to this day.


EXPLAIN: Back when Kanel first came to Furaffinity I commissioned him for a picture of two characters. He delivered a finished picture in a very timely manner and I was quite satisfied so I decided to commission him once more for two different rough pictures once he opened again due to being in a bind and needing a new computer, naturally I wanted to commission him and helping him out was a nice idea too.

One was of my character, Riri 'roo, and the other was of my character Maelae and my friend's mage, Oscurious. Riri 'roo was delivered in a timely fashion much like the first picture I commissioned him for, in a mere week or so after paying him. In the description box for the Riri 'roo commission, he makes mention that my second commission will be on it's way 'soon.' (NSFW)

I was in a reserved slot from the beginning. Meaning when he was done with his current que I was supposed to be bumped up to an actual slot. At this time he didn't post an art que at all, so it was anyone's guess as to when he was done with what and so forth. When he started working on my commissions I assumed that I was I was finally out of my reserved slot and in an actual slot.

February 2012- he posts an official que-

So naturally, I thought I'd be getting my next commission in the same reasonably timed rate as my other commissions I received from him prior. 3 months after he completed the first commission of the two, you know, since he said multiple times that he'd be doing so 'soon'. He gave me a preview (WIP) of my second commission. (NSFW)

Awesome! Except that was March of 2012, it hasn't been touched again to this day, and he's been taking more commissions on ever since in and out of stream.

He updates his que June 2012, it's clearly tons smaller-

So I waited. Months flew by, Kanel continued to take more in and out of stream commissions for various reasons, bills, complications, some were just because I suppose (I didn't even get to screen-cap some of them due to the fact he often deletes the submission files/journals after streams. There were lots more than what I have here)

(I didn't catch them all in time to screen-cap them, sometimes I was viewing FA on my phone and the like on breaks at work when I'd see them and I'd go home to screen-cap only to find they were deleted)

So after a few streams (and a few months) I started to get a little squirmy. It had been almost 6 months since I last saw an update on my second commission, so I decided to note him, asking him what the status was on my commission.

Still on his to-do list. No update, he was sorry.

February, 2013. An update to his que. His list has grown larger, and still my commission remains untouched, and my slot still stays in the 'reserved' slots.

After that, more in stream commissions and regular commissions-

When he takes these commissions, he warns them about his que this time-

Again, I start to squirm a little. It's been a long time now with no updates. After being promised it would be done multiple times a while back and after all of those commissions done in and out of stream, I began to wonder. I expressed my worry to the artist in a note, asking why my slot has stayed in it's reserved status for all this time even thought he's taken new commissions and delivered them in a timely fashion.

It's now august, 2013

So, I decided I'd check to see if he'd read it at all, it'd been a few days since I sent the note out, so surely there should have been a reply. Come to find out, it had been read, and he hasn't replied even now as I write this.

After which, more commissions were taken-

NOTE: I really did want to avoid a refund... I thought he'd reply with at least a reason, but seeing as though he's ignored my attempt to contact him about my commission I’m now asking for a refund on it. I've waited a long long time after multiple promises to finish it, only to be told that I’m still on the 'To-do' list despite then many in stream commissions he's doing. That, and I've been afraid to 'rock the boat' so to speak, with the artist in question being quite popular and well liked. If I knew he would take this long and do so many commissions on the side I would have never commissioned him in the first place. I’m just tired of it, and thought it would be useful to post this conduct and unprofessional behavior. I will update when I receive any contact about the refund.

========= Edit (9-26-2013)
Refund received in a very polite and timely manner. Fixed NSFW tags.
Please mark as resolved, as this was more a beware of his ethics and conduct. Thank you!
Tags: artist-kanel, resolved

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