Kieraa (ext_1644548) wrote in artists_beware,

Artist Beware: SweetNightmare Second Time

Who: SweetNightmare ( )
What: Blue Fox Partial (Can't find any pictures of it anywhere now)
Where: Transaction Conversation took place on Skype
When: September 4, 2013 to September 16, 2013
Proof: &
Explain: Was going to a furmeet Sunday September 15 and I needed a suit, I had just recently started talking to SweetNightmare again as a friend and she gave me a few excuses that made me feel sorry/bad for her (like I did in 2012) and decided to make her an offer on a blue fox partial (she sent me a picture of it when I was on mobile skype and I no longer have it and I cannot find it anywhere in her gallery now) as soon as she accepted the offer and me thinking she had changed I sent her the payment once the payment was sent I got suspicious of her new paypal name and questioned her here and as she promised she would have it out the next day. As I started reading into her FurAffinity Journals I started seeing people complaining about not getting commissioned items and no updates and being ignored which shortly after I had sent the payment she was 'busy' it played out just as my first transaction with her did. I asked for a refund she didn't respond so I opened a claim with paypal (claim conversation can be found here: So she claimed the suit had been shipped as she usually does, So I dropped the claim on her we had a conversation then she showed me how her account was over-drafted (because she was trying to put my money instantly into her account and paypal had it on hold, not only that but I noticed she was doing it to other peoples money too, I blocked out named of others. She sent me this screenshot herself) after seeing that I asked for the tracking number her excuses and here came her excuses , she ended up disappearing without giving me a tracking number so I felt it was in my best interest to re-call paypal and open back up the case, she had 10 days to respond with a tracking number which she did not and failed to post ANYTHING in the resolution center and didn't send me any further messages via resolution center and I didn't get anything from her on skype, if she sent me anything I never got it. In the end because NOTHING was heard from the seller (her) paypal closed the case in my favour.

Beware, SweetNightmare even in 2013 gives many excuses. I still think she's a nice person but I suggest not doing business with her, she's not credible when it comes to business and honest when it comes to shipping. If you want to do business with her please beware of how she acts when it comes to money.
Tags: artist-sweetnightmare/killmytv, beware

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