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Commissioner Beware: Sin.


WHERE: YCH Auction I hosted. Here

WHAT: Icon (edited without permission from mentioned commissioner) and unpaid winning bid for YCH auction.

WHEN: September 15th-Current

EXPLAIN: On Sept. 11th, I was emailed by Sin. for a couple $3 Word Bubble icons I have posted on FA of her character and her boyfriend's. Payment was sent and I had the icons finished the next day. She asked for edits to the icons, wanting a different color background and different hairstyle. It was an easy fix and I had them ready the next day (Sept. 13th) I posted them online and noticed the next day (Sept 14th) that both icons were uploaded on her account, but they were changed, and she had added stars to the icons. I was upset by this, as I do not like my work edited without prior permission, and the edits made could have been done by me. I confronted her about the edits, allowing her to keep the edited icons up but telling her that permission is needed when someone makes edits to my work.

This is also the day that my YCH auction was up, and Sin. was the winning bidder for two slots. My description states I need payment 24 hours after the winning and I made this comment a day late, so I understood if a payment is late. I noticed that payment still wasn't made and left a note on the 16th which was read the same day but left unanswered. I sent a second note early morning on the 18th, warning that non payment will lead to her being barred from future auctions if I didn't receive payment by end of the day. This note was also read with no response, nothing at all.

I would be more than happy to wait for payment had I received a response of some type, but so far nothing.


Proof of Icon Edits:
ORIGINALS (NSFW for language)

EDITS (NSFW for language)

Emails: (edited to take out my name and her name)

YCH Proof:
Original Auction with 24 hour payment notice:

Sin.'s winning bids:

First reminder note:


Proof notes were read:
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