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Artist Beware: xZakurou

WHO: xZakurou on deviantART


WHAT: Fully rendered, two character commission

WHEN: First contact from them was August 2nd, 2013 and last contact I received from them was August 5th, 2013.

PROOF: This is a screenshot of our whole exchange through notes on deviantART. Beware that the requested commission involves tickling fetishism so maybe don't read this if that makes you uncomfortable.

This is a screenshot of the times I have tried to contact him and received no answer. These notes have been read but haven't been answered.

EXPLAIN: I was contacted on August 2nd, 2013 and xZakurou requested a commission from me. I told them what the price would be after they told me what they wanted and they said they were okay with that. I sent them a few heavily watermarked previews to be approved and when the commission was finished, I requested payment before I sent anything final over (I used to only ask for payment once I was finished). They assured me I would be paid soon (that was back on August 5th) but I have not received any kind of response since. After waiting a long time for a response, I told them that I no longer cared if they wanted the commission anymore or could not afford it but asked for an explanation and warned them that I intended to post them here.

That's basically all that has happened and although in this case I should have requested the payment upfront (or at least half of it) I think this still deserves a warning to be cautious if dealing with this person. I had never had problems with asking for payment once I'm finished but I've definitely learned my lesson now. Luckily I have not given them anything other than a small watermarked preview of the final commission.
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