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Beware: Falvie

NOTE: Falvie has been posted about on Artists_Beware before, for the same behaviors (huge delays in commissions, rude behavior, ignoring direct inquiries).

WHO: Falvie


WHAT: A sketch - $25 – purchased in this journal (will also include screenshots of journal, but I am including a direct link to the journal on FA in the interest of full disclosure):


Journal was posted on August 21st, 2013 at 4:36 pm UTC time. I posted in the journal literally minutes after Falvie posted it (at 4:43 pm UTC time), grabbing a sketch slot. We were supposed to send payment immediately, and I did so (screenshot seen below in the PROOF segment).

Falvie then acknowledged my payment at 4:45 pm UTC time. As seen in the screenshot below, the sketches were promised to be completed by the next day (August 22nd).

I have not received my artwork, and I have not received ANY OTHER communication from Falvie since then. This means I have not heard from her in over a month.

She has completed every OTHER sketch commission in that journal except for mine. (See screenshots below.) She has also taken many other commissions since that batch of sketches, and has completed some of them, while ignoring my sketch commission entirely.

I must reiterate that I have not received ANY communication from Falvie after her initial confirmation that I paid for my sketch slot. Any and all communication I've received came from her informal "secretary", Socks-the-fox ( )


JOURNAL where Falvie asks to be paid in advance:

Screenshot of me asking for a slot and stating that I have sent payment:

Screenshot of my PayPal payment:

Screenshot(s) of the journal, showing that EVERYONE ELSE who signed up and paid for a sketch in this batch has already received their sketch except for me:
(WARNING: HUGE IMAGES! I stuck a bunch of these together on several large canvases, please let me know if I should seperate them out into their own images)

My ONLY communication has been from Socks-the-fox, Falvie's "secretary". I have NEVER received any communication from Falvie, the artist, herself, since her acknowledgement that she received my payment.

Here is a journal comment from August 27th. I was responding to someone else's post about Falvie taking on too many commissions - I believe the person who I was talking to stated that it must suck for an artist to be “swamped with work”. I replied that it was Falvie’s own fault for taking on so much work. In this screenshot, you can see that Socks replies to ME stating that she is just NOW noticing that I should be in Falvie’s commission queue – apparently I wasn’t on there before!

Here is a journal comment post from September 11th, when I asked for an update on the queue, since I noticed I was NOT listed on the queue that Falvie has in her journal footer:

Notice that Socks does not address my final comment, nor my time ultimatum (which has obviously come and gone at this point with no communication from Falvie).

Here a screenshot of my FA Outbox; Falvie has obviously not read my Note yet, despite being active on FA:

Here is the contents of the Note:

Here is the email I sent to her on September 12th, basically asking the same thing (for an estimate when my sketch would be completed):

*(I asked for the estimate by Monday in this email - since I sent the email two days before I sent the Note/Shout/Comments on FA. I believe this was also around FA's server downtime, as well, so I allowed for more response time on FA because of that - either way, since I also sent an email, Falvie had plenty of time/ways to get a hold of me.)


Falvie posted this journal on September 22nd:

The fact that she mentions that she needs to pay her rent again (a sign that she will likely open up new commissions again) and also mentions a "week's vacation" from drawing raised a red flag in my brain - and then a half an hour later, she posted another journal:

She basically is stating that she will allow four UNPAID commissioners on her list to pay her immediately and then be bumped DIRECTLY to the front of her queue, regardless of WHEN their commissions were actually taken or how many PAID customers were actually in the queue in front of them. This was the last straw for me; I initiated a PayPal chargeback as soon as I saw this journal.


I paid IN ADVANCE of asking for a sketch slot, as Falvie’s journal instructed, and my payment was acknowledged. Everyone else who paid and asked for a sketch slot has received their artwork, but I haven’t. Also, Falvie has taken on many other commissions in the meantime, including several “emergency” commissions, and I still haven’t received my artwork.

She has also held several “character auctions”, so she is obviously creating and selling plenty of artwork, but isn’t getting her backlog of commissions done. (Or she is only working on her most recent commissions, or is being very picky/choosy as to which commissions she wants to work on – it’s hard to tell as she does not keep an updated queue, and her secretary Socks-the-fox refuses to post a public one.)

Falvie hasn’t responded to any of my notes, emails, comments, or shouts, and sometimes she hides them (in the case of the journal comments I’ve left asking for updates) or clears her Shouts.

On September 14th, I gave Falvie (and her secretary Socks-the-fox) a time ultimatum: I wanted Falvie to tell me a firm estimate on a completion time for my sketch, and I wanted her to give me the estimate by Tuesday the 17th. She didn't have to COMPLETE it by then, I just wanted a time estimate (e.g., "one week", "one month", etc.) I e-mailed Falvie, Noted her, and left her a Shout with this information; she did not respond to any of these, and the time deadline came and went with ZERO communication from her.

It has now been an entire month and I have not received a simple sketch commission that was promised to be delivered in a day. All of the other commissions that were purchased in the same journal as me have already been completed and delivered. Falvie has taken many other commissions since I purchased mine, and has also held several character auctions, and has asked for “emergency commissions” to help pay for her internet bills and buy food (most of these journals of hers have since been deleted by her). I can’t help but feel pushed under the rug, shoved to the back of the line, and basically singled out because I’m vocal about my commission and asked about the delays/why I haven’t received my sketch yet.

Normally I would allow a huge leeway in time for any commission, but this commission’s simple nature coupled with its promised time AND Falvie’s continual posting of other commission slots and other artwork sales make the complete lack of communication and lack of product delivery absolutely unacceptable.

Additionally, Falvie has posted several times (and has subsequently deleted the journals) that she has been "ill"; to the point of needing to go to the hospital, but yet she has also been very active on FA during these "illness" times - posting artwork, auctions, and leaving shouts and comments on other peoples' pages. She has used her illness as a reason why her commissions are delayed, but then will post a commission journal selling more commission slots or a character auction later that same day.

At this point, a month later with zero communication from the artist, I no longer want the artwork, nor do I want anything to do with Falvie ever again.

I initiated a PayPal chargeback on September 22nd. Falvie has not yet responded to the chargeback notice. I will update this post again (or will add a new comment) if she responds, or if I have to escalate the chargeback to a claim.

While I myself have not been as horribly burned by Falvie, money-wise, as others have, there is no indication that I will receive my art any time soon. If others have been waiting a YEAR for their art, how can Falvie possibly finish their art AND all of the commissions she has piled up (and is STILL taking) in the meantime?

As beautiful as Falvie's work is, I must recommend against ever commissioning her. It is a crapshoot - you might get your work within a few hours or days, or you may never see it.

At best, be ready to initiate a PayPal chargeback if you do not have your artwork from her near the end of PayPal's 45-day limit. And don't ever commission her if you have a deadline (birthday, Valentine's Day, etc.) that you need to meet.

EDIT SEPTEMBER 30TH - this issue is now RESOLVED, as I have received my refund.

As of now, I HAVE received a refund on this commission. While I am trying to keep my personal feelings out of it, I feel it is relevant to mention that communication was established with this artist with amazing quickness and directness once I actually began the PayPal chargeback process and directly demanded a refund.

I also specifically requested that the artist NOT finish my commission OR draw me anything in "apology", but she did so anyway. While I appreciate the gesture, I don't like feeling obligated to be grateful for something I specifically did not ask for. (If this information is irrelevant, I will remove it.)
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