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Chevi/Shizuworks - Resolved

Who: Chevi/Shizuworks

Where: Main account (ABANDONED)
Her commission account (in use and is still offering more commissions/adoptables/customs on it suspended since Sept. 19)

What: 2 flat-coloured commissions (one waist-up and one chibi; each cost $30, which adds up to $60, however I've decided I don't need the chibi anymore and just requested a refund)

When: February 4 - September 30

Explanation and Proof:

February 4: I emailed Chevi when I noticed one of her reminder journals for her very final commission offer (which means on the 10th of February, she'll no longer accept commissions). I asked her what I want (see the "What" section), and she charged $60 and asked for when I want them done. I told her to have them ready by the 1st of March and paid her $60.

Screencap of the email for my commission request
PayPal receipt

A few days passed and it's already past the deadline, but I've read a journal post on her commission account (it was posted on Mar. 1) saying that she's sick, which is understandable. So I gave her time to get well.

March 27: Chevi made a journal in her commission account stating that she's moving by Monday and won't be online for a while until everything's settled down in mid-April (again, understandable).

For several months, she's been taking more new commissions/custom designs (despite claiming that she's no longer accepting commissions; she even opened commissions on a DA journal, but it was since deleted but I didn't get a screencap of it, unfortunately) and doing a dozen or so batches of adoptable designs (I only adopted two of them).

August 7: I've sent her an email about the update on my two commissions since they've been overdue now at this point. She promptly responded the day after that, saying she'll have them done before the end of the month. So I agree to wait a little longer.

Email convo (note I got the amount of months wrong in the first email I've sent her that day. Hence the title "whoops date confusion")

August 28: I've sent her an email, telling her that I don't need the chibi commission anymore and would like a $30 refund. Chevi responded 4 days later, saying she'll get to my refund by the end of next week, as well as my waist-up pic. I, once again, agreed to wait. She later emailed me on September 6 that she'll be refunding me once the chibi commission spot is taken, as well as mentioning that my waist-up will be done between Sept. 8 (Sunday) and Sept. 11 (Wednesday).

Email convo so far

However, on Sept. 9, Chevi puts up a journal saying she's sick and bed-ridden. So as always, I gave her time to recover.

September 13: I received an email from Chevi, telling me that no one bought a chibi spot from her yet (I told her not to give up) as well as letting me know that the waist-up is delayed due to illness for most of the week, saying she'll work on it over the weekend.

Recent update email regarding the refund/commission/her status

Since then, I hadn't heard anything about my waist-up.


In closing: I've been conducting business with Chevi for a few years with no issue (and got the pics I've paid for), up until the recent problem rises and I've been strung along for more than half a year.


ETA (as of 9/30/13): I received the completed waist-up on Sept. 22. The pic can be found here (NSFW for tasteful nudity). I also recently received my $30 refund today. And with that, my issue with Chevi/Shizuworks is resolved.
Tags: artist-shizuki/shizuworks/chevi, beware, resolved

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