=XAILA= (oceandezignz) wrote in artists_beware,

Sweetnightmare/KillMyTV Update

It has been brought to our attention that Sweetnightmare/KillMyTV (FA)/Silver Cherry (IB) is currently under investigation by Furaffinity Administrator Bazeel for not finishing commissions in a timely manner for years, failure to maintain a proper queue, as well as failure to properly keep her customers in the loop via WIP images.

If you are new here and unsure of who we're talking about, please review her tag here.

This is a post to touch base with all past commissioners of hers to see the exact amount of work owed. This is not a post to attack her, be it here or on any of her artsite accounts. We will be taking action against people from here that we find commenting on her pages after this post goes up.

So again, anyone who has commissioned Sweetnightmare/KillMyTV/Silver Cherry, please let us know if she still owes you work. The information we gain from this post will be seen by Bazeel for them to review. Links to past AB posts you have made or proof (screencaps of notes/Paypal payments/emails) that she does indeed owe you would be more helpful than vague comments, thank you!

EDIT: All of her FA-related accounts have been suspended for the above reasons.

EDIT 2: Before you add ANY information to this post, personal information, private emails, etc need to be censored out completely. Failure to do this will result in a screened comment.
Tags: !mod post, artist-sweetnightmare/killmytv

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