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Advice on re-using canceled artwork

Hello again A-B,

I think I've managed to get myself into an awkward position and need some advice on how to deal with this.
I ended a fairly big raffle about a month ago where the first prize was a full colored and shaded image, with background and up to 3 characters. I notified the winner and it went fairly well, it would be a mature image of the winner and the winners partner.

Everything went smoothly, but after I had finished the background and started on the characters I got a note from the partner(I had talked with this person and the drawing was agreed to), however they had broken up the day before and no longer wanted the image, but I could finish it an post it if I wanted.

I then noted the winner to ask, but he really did not want the image finished and asked for a new one instead. He offered that I could make the almost finished image into a YCH auction so I didn't loose time from working on it. I did make him a new image in the detail I promised for the 1st prize, but I have not touched the unfinished one after this.

A part of me wants to make this into a YCH auction so I can at least get something back for the time I lost, but at the same time I know both of the original image is watching me and have seen WIP's of it with their characters. I know the partner wouldn't mind, and the winner was the one with the YCH idea, but it just feels really awkward to put it out for offer - so what I need advice on is if I should just go ahead and edit it to a YCH or accept it as lost time and move on?

some additional but not super important info/questions;
The raffle had in total 6 prizes, so the remaking of the 1st one made delays for the rest.

This was my first Raffle and I have never done a YCH so I'm nervous on how it will be received by my watchers

Would this be different if this was a commissioned piece where the commissioner would get a new piece of art instead of a refund?
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