derangedspazz (derangedspazz) wrote in artists_beware,

Artist Beware : Fawnspots (resolved )

Just leting everyone know the issue has been resolved and what not. (:

WHO: Fawnspots


WHAT: A flat color sketch commission

WHEN: Sent payment on may 13th 2013

PROOF: This was our first interaction and how it would cost 14 pounds for a flat color sketch.
This was when she asked for my refs
and then I asked her for her paypal.

Proof of payment on may 13th 2013

EXPLAIN:It has been over three months, I have noted her once or twice to find out how the commission was coming along but no reply and I know that she has read the note but she just chooses to never reply.

I have commissioned for a flat color sketch from fawnspots. It was all nice and dandy at first, but now I cannot get a hold of her and I've seen her post some art atleast a month ago. I have made this in hopes that people watch out for her or that she can finally get a hold of me, stop ignoring me, and either give me back my money or finish the commission.

Tags: artist-fawnspots, beware, resolved

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