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Advice Needed on How to Proceed: Purchase of Pre-made Items

I'm going to leave out names for now since I am only seeking advice on what I should do.

I am asking for advice on a purchase I made of several pre-made fursuit items. I purchased these items on July 30th, 2013, and have not received them from the seller yet.

I purchased a set of pre-made fursuit items from a fursuit maker. (NOT a commission, these items were ALREADY made and ready to ship.) This is a relatively well-known fursuit maker who has been in the fursuit business for many years (relevant because one would assume they would understand good business practices by now). The entire business arrangement (purchase, etc.) was made via Notes on FurAffinity.

The purchase was made on July 30th, 2013. I promptly paid the full amount the fursuit maker asked for via PayPal, and the payment cleared immediately. The fursuit maker said, via Notes on FurAffinity, that they would ship the items as soon as PayPal transferred the money to their bank. As I stated, this happened on the 30th.

I did not hear from the seller, and I did not receive the items. Three weeks passed, and I sent a FurAffinity Note to the seller on August 21st, asking for the shipping status. They replied the same day, stating that they had had a "busy week" and had not shipped my items, and that they "hoped" to ship them on Friday (which would have been the 23rd of August).

It may be none of my business, but the fursuit maker has been posting plenty of journals that has shown how active they are - plenty of posts about how they are going to all of these places, and being active, etc., so it doesn't sound like they're stuck without a car, or trapped in a locked room, etc. Plus, I know the postal service and most package delivery services have home package pickup services, and you can purchase a shipping label online and print it at home, if you are unable to leave your house or stop by a drop-off location.

Additionally to this, they have been active enough online that they could have, at the very least, sent me a Note to tell me that they were busy and had not shipped my items yet. I would have been completely willing to work with their schedule, and wait as long as I needed to, if they had paid me the simple professional courtesy of communicating with me.

I guess I'm just looking for advice for now - I'm not sure what to do at this point. I am going to Note the seller again on Friday if my items have not shown up by then (I think a week is a reasonable transit time if they did ship my items on the 23rd of August - I live relatively close to the seller, statewise). I am going to ask if the seller if they have shipped my items, and if they have not, I am going to ask when they plan to do so, and I am going to ask them to provide me with a tracking number when they do ship the items. Is this unreasonable?

Secondly, if they do not ship my items by the 13th of September, should I initiate a PayPal chargeback? (The 13th of September would be 45 days after my payment, which is PayPal's dispute/chargeback limit.) I know I did not ASK for a concrete shipping time, and nor was I provided one, so I do not know if this action is a reasonable one or not.

Plus, I know this was a casual purchase made on FA without the benefit of a contract (or the protection that a website like eBay or Amazon provides its buyers), so I'm not sure if I'm pretty much out of luck here or not.

Thank you for any help and advice!
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