mittymandi (mittymandi) wrote in artists_beware,

Bounced Check Fiasco - Need Advice!

Hey AB, I found myself in a quandry.

In February of 2012, I took a badge commission at a convention. The client paid with a check - not something I'm really fond of, but I let it slide because I had a few prior commissions from this client and things had gone smoothly. I finished and delivered the badge at con.

I went to cash the check when I got back home, and it bounced. The badge was $40, and my bank charged a bounced check fee. I lost $52 all together. In early March, I emailed the commissioner about the bounced check. He apologized, told me he'd pay me as soon as his paycheck came in, that same week. Two weeks go by, and no payment. I email him, and he gives more excuses - I needed to pay taxes, I'll pay you next month, something came up... Long story short, I was told no less than four times that I'd be paid in some future date. All four of those dates passed over a year ago.

The client has since ceased communication with me. I"m not sure how else to contact him, besides email.

Do I just call this one lost? Should I try again/ 
Tags: advice for artists

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