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Beware - Ahimsa

Big update, see proof for additional proof, of WIPs from the artist in the past.

Update, see bottom.

Second update, see below previous.

Third update regarding how this can be resolved, at the bottom. (now taken down)

Who: Ahimsa/Heavily Weighted

Where: or

What: A colored group drawing.

When: July 29th to August 25th/ongoing (Commish posted, though not to my specs)

Proof: Or if the journal is taken down: and this PDF The links go to:

Additional proof of WIPs:

Stream posts and stream log:

Notes exchanged:

Explanation: This artist has been quite good in the past to be sure, and he draws a lot of multiple character images. Being in the mood to get a few pictures done of me and people close to me, I chose him as one of the artists to commission. I want a flat color, but he somehow reads that as "Cell shaded" which is pricier, but I like the artist's work, so I go with that. I pay up front, then give him the refs. Normally, he makes things really really quickly, so, after no contact for over a week, I note him, wondering when he can draw. I'm not demanding he draw on the spot, I just wanted to know when he would. He reacts hostilely, which confuses me. I clarify I'm not trying to rush him, I'm only trying to be informed. A couple days later, on his commission list, he updates mine as "lined". I ask for a WIP, no reply. A day or two later, he does the coloring stream as noted in the proof section of this post. That goes poorly as he ignores all I have to say other than one change he does implement. Then he's silent for quite a long time. I note him a week later, asking if everything is alright. No reply. Then another week later, he posts the image. Now, according to the streamlog, he declared the commish "done" two weeks back, so why didn't he post it then? He posted other images, as one can see from his FA page. Regardless, I quietly note him, saying he ignored my messages, even in the stream, and asked to have the piece fixed. He not so quietly posts a journal very directly complaining about me, because I had another image done in between him starting and him posting my piece, that was another group image with another person in. He believes I had the image done because he was taking too long, but I already wanted a couple of images of me and people close to me done. I don't even need to justify myself, what I do with my money is my business. His business is to provide what I paid for, which he didn't. I'll mark this AB as resolved if the artist apologizes for his behavior, and fixes the various issues (missing markings, facial changes, the hats, etc.).

Update, this situation is more or less not going to get resolved. The journal link up top seems to not be down, amazingly. It seems the artist thinks he really is in the right. In case it does go down, here is a PDF of the page:

To sum it up, he states that showing a commissioner a WIP of an already paid piece isn't a right of the commissioner, lied about the content of my notes, then ignored the fact I showed otherwise, ignored me stating his whole reason for starting drama wasn't accurate, and he then ignores other people disagreeing with him. I am pretty sure I'm getting an improper image and a headache out of this occurrence and nothing more.

Update two, not really an update but possible clarification, me and this artist have been friendly for some time and I've purchased a fair few pieces from him, interacted with him in much the same way I did here, and even showed WIPs before. Also, if my initial note setting him off was a problem, why not refund me and refuse to do the piece? He did cease noting back, but when he streamed, he seemed amiable at first (until he flat ignored me after one fix) and merely posted that journal because I happened to get a second, unrelated group piece done (with additional characters) and he dug it up, and then flipped out quite immaturely.

I've decided in the interest of fairness, that I state three things that all need to be done at this point to resolve this AB post. One, unblocking me and publicly apologizing, as the drama was public, the apology should also be. Two, making a clear and concise ToS so future commissioners don't have the same issues as I did, and three, fixing the piece as I originally wanted.

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