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This is just a question.

As an artist, what do you do when asked to draw a character that you KNOW does not belong to the person commissioning you?

I recently had a situation occur where a commissioner wanted me to draw a character that I know did not belong to them. I had seen this character recently myself (it was by a rather well-known artist), so I knew the context, I knew the character was created for a specific person, not the person wanting to commission me.

I politely declined the commission, stating that I was aware that the character did not belong to the person wishing to commission me, but I find myself wondering if I should alert the original artist that this commissioner is trying to commission art of their character.  In this case, the art that was going to be commissioned would not have been a SFW commission and would not have been anything even like 'fan art' of the character.

I don't like to stir drama, but I do find myself thinking that I should tell the original artist, given the context that the commissioner wanted the character drawn in.

I'd welcome some opinions on this though.

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Aug. 29th, 2013 11:28 am (UTC)
i'd say Yes and Yes. just cause i've been on the receiving end of "surprise" nsfw art which was actually a grudge piece for banning the commissioner from a chat (his behavior was hella inappropriate).

the artist never told me, and i guess he had her convinced he had permission or we were "good friends, it's a surprise" but the end result was that the artist felt bad for being dragged into someone else's grudge and being paid to draw revenge-rape art.

even a SFW picture can make people feel uncomfortable if the person commissioning it is an...unwanted admirer. it's just best to check.


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