langistudios (langistudios) wrote in artists_beware,

Pricing Puzzle


I've been approached by a writer to illustrate chapter images for his latest work. This will be 10 illustrations, one per chapter, done in black and white (think of the illustrations done for the Harry Potter novels). This is the first project of its kind that I have ever been approached to do, and I haven't a clue what price to offer or even what the normal price range would be for a project like this. As this will be released as an e-book rather than a print book, I reckon that a decent one-off payment is the best route - how decent is the question. Throw in that I am based overseas and the payment will be in USD (aka NOT my local currency), and I'm even more mindful of neither underpricing myself  nor gouging my client.

Help, please? I promised that I would give word by tomorrow evening (August 26, 2013) at the very latest. Thanks in advance!

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