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Copyright & Commission Clarification?

Hello, I am new here so I do apologize if my posting may be incorrect, but I have been long contemplating over a couple issues regarding copyright and commissions that I figured to ask here.

As some may know, people sell their characters or hand them over to someone else. I've drawn for people who owned a character, and then later on sell their character and claim that all artwork will belong to the new owner.

My question is, who in actuality, owns the commissioned piece after a character in it is sold? Does the new character owner own the commissioned piece from which the previous owner originally commissioned?

The only reason I ask is because I find that whoever commissions me, owns the image (alongside by my ownership), regardless of the characters involved (given, they either own the characters or have permission to use).

So I appreciate any input on this matter. I don't feel comfortable with my artwork floating around without knowing so, even with my watermark put on it.

In a different, but short matter, I would also like to ask what should I do in the event that someone blatantly tells me they will remove a watermark off a commission they paid for?

Thanks, everyone!
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