That Eric Thing (poizenkat) wrote in artists_beware,
That Eric Thing

Jinxsis; Slow shipping

WHO: Jinxsis


WHAT: Two animal crossing badges

WHEN: I paid in the beginning of April

PROOF: Notes; Payment;

EXPLAIN: I got two Animal Crossing Badges. They were done within a month or so and I was told that they should be shipped soon (Submissions showing them have been deleted??).
Jinxsis is a wonderful artist and I'm so happy I was able to commission them. Their art is adorable and really well done, but they have a problem with shipping and communication. There were multiple journals saying that shipping was being done (now deleted), though I still had not gotten my badges. Right after another shipping journal I decided to ask about my badges since I have been waiting for them to come "any day now" for weeks. I sadly deleted the response (I clear my shouts periodically) but I was told that they should come on time. Sadly they did not.
I am still waiting on my badges in the mail and thought I should warn others on artists_beware. I really love their art and would love to get more things from them, but I am unsure of getting anything to be shipped. Which is sad, because they have the cutest ideas and such. I hope that they get their act together and fix this problem so that I and others could get their product and feel safe commissioning them again.

She said she had mailed it a while back and then gave me this when I asked to double check since it had been a few days after (sadly I don't have the original shout.)

I waited a while before contacting her and not too long after I did I got this

Today I received my two badges in the mail so I will mark this as resolved.
Very frustrated that it took so long and such but I'm glad that I finally got them.

Tags: artist-jinxsis, resolved
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