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Has anyone ever had any trouble with HimeRikkina of DA? She's giving me sort of a hard time, and I was wondering if this is in or out of character for her.

9/19/05, HimeRikkina of DeviantArt commissions me. I am to draw her three fursonas, a mongoose, a husky, and an orca in the same picture, standing in a halfcircle.
9/20/05 I email her, telling her my mailing address and that the total will be $46.
9/22/05 she says:
"Once I get paid I will send it out to you although it may take a few weeks. I'm going to FurFright in
October and I have to save money and I owe my mom rent. But you will recieve your payment before then
and I would love to see the sketch first! ^^ thanks!


9/26/05, I sketched it out and scanned it for her, to see if there were any changes she'd want. I asked a question, too, regarding where the nosering would be on the orca character in the picture.

she replied right away:
"...I didn't even think of that hehe So ixnay that. That's fine. The sketch looks excellent! And
Haruka's hair is black. Money will be on it's way soon!"

11/9/05 she says:
"Sorry! I haven't ditched you I swear! ^^; had major financial problems! You can finish it the moment
you see it in the mail! I'm really sorry I haven't ditched you >><<


to which I reply:
"it's all right, don't worry. everyone has times like that, ever so
unexpectedly - can't do anything about it ^_~
thank you very much for letting me know, I appreciate that.
when will you or did you send the payment? just so I can keep an eye
out, because it's rare I get mail.. so I don't check often... it's
dumb. anyway. I'll finish your commission as soon as I validate your
payment :)
thanks again

-lisa sepp ommert-"

11/28/05, she sends me this email:
"As soon as I find some stamps your money order will be in the mail! :) I didn't forget!"

It is WAY past FurFright now. it's been 5 months, and 2/25/06 I get this note from her on DeviantArt:
"Okay I had the enevlope with your address on it and I had the stamp on it and I read the back of the
money order and found out it had expired >< SO! I'm currently flat broke so hopefully you'll get it
within the next two weeks.... I am so sorry!!!!


I've never had a bad commissioner before, I really don't know how to handle this. can someone give me some advice as to what to do? I don't mind waiting for her to send me my money, I mean... I've waited this long. I also don't finish the drawings I'm paid for until I get the checks in the mail. I really have lost nothing in this deal, save for my patience.
what do you guys think I should do, and should I believe that she honestly just has crap going down and can't pay?
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