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WHO: Astralabortion/exoditedragon:

WHERE: Anthrocon 2013

WHAT: A two-character traditional art piece of my fursona and my husband's fursona.

WHEN: Commissioned on the last day of anthrocon, paid via paypal. No contact has been made since.


Screenshot of payment:

Screenshot of attempts to contact via his publicly available AIM:

Screenshot of comments on page:

Screenshot of notes:

Note that was sent, was opened/read, no response:

Final note that was sent today, 8-21-13

Commission Queue, on which I'm still not listed:


My husband (raziel0682) and I commissioned Exodite on the last day of Anthrocon 2013 at the urging of a friend. At the time, he asked that we pay him via paypal. We did so, paying $50. He assured us work would be started that day.

So, we waited. I sent him a note shortly after AC about the commission. He opened it. Didn't respond.

I commented on his page. No response. Commented again a few weeks later. Again, no response or acknowledgement.

I sent him IMs via his publicly available IM screenname. No response.

As of now, all attempts to contact him have met with nothing. He makes public entries about livestreaming, about working on his queue (a massive list that can be seen here: but has not responded AT ALL to any of my attempts to contact him.

I have sent him one final note asking for contact, with the intent of pursuing legal action if there is no response.

All I wanted was some progress shown, or even just some sort of contact. But his continued ignoring of all of my attempts has made this transaction a considerably soured one for me.

He's posted on his journals numerous times about how he's going to contact everyone he owes art to, how he's going to respond to all his notes, but mine sit...he's read them, but no response.

Edit: This has since been resolved via very polite note and refund.

Screenshot of note/response to my note:

Screenshot of refund:
Tags: artist-exoditedragon/astralabortion/capn, resolved

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