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Media / The Critter Factory

WHO: Media / The Critter Factory


WHAT: A full fursuit

WHEN: 11/25/11 - 9/21/13




Deadline Question:

Deadline Uneasyness:

New Payment Plan:

Paid In Full:

Head Shot:


Video of Airbrush:

Diagram of Edit:


I apologize about the length of this post, it has taken 2 years long to finally have this suit in my hands for good, and I have a lot to explain. So here we go.

-------------------- Year 1 -------------------------

11/25/11 - I contacted Media for a quote on a full suit. He seemed excited at the idea, and it went on from there to be a quote of $2800. I placed a down payment of $710 on 12/3/11. The suit was meant to be finished by September of 2012, giving him roughly a year to finish.

1/3/12 - I sought fit to contact him about any updates and information about a DTD. Already he was lacking in contact, but I figured this was normal. I was told to wait on the DTD until he was done with the head.

1/9/12 - Payment of $500

2/27/12 - I make a monthly check-in, as he does not contact me first (ever). I then ask about the September deadline. He gives me a non-answer, but gives me hope it will be finished before then. He explains that he is on a shortage of fur, and mentions his internet being out. (He says this a few times before this, but I ignore the excuse altogether).

4/2/12 - I again contact Media about the suit. I decide before I make another payment, I want some sort of progress and explain I'm uneasy about this lack of real deadline. He explains he's moved, that September seems doable (yet no real confirmation) then states he's getting started. I am unhappy with this response, but tell him to continue if he believes he can do this before September.

4/17/12 - Payment of $410

5/10/12 - Checking in once again, as he does not contact me. He replies a week later, explaining his grandmother is in a Hospice and he is delayed.

5/31/12 - I let him know that I am having a client send him the last $1180, instead of paying me to take out the middleman. He states they are training someone, and admits his communication is bad. He then talks about things being in storage, and asking for more payment. (Note, he's not shown me a single progress shot yet) He then asks if I need special shoes. He asks for DTD, despite telling me to wait earlier, which was frustrating. He then sends me a new email to speak to of a co-worker. (I did not ever speak to them)

6/27/12 - He shows me images of the head being worked on, finally! He shows me roughly 25+ images of it in various stages. We discuss it in depth, he continues onward.

7/1/12 - Payment of $400 and DTD sent

7/30/12 - Payment of $400 then $640 (Paid in full) , and his excuse of moving yet again. He says the DTD has made it in, I ask for any updates as the con drew ever closer. No reply.

8/26/12 - Mentioned "EF" delayed them (convention I assume), and he's been sick and not replying to anyone's email. He says my head is fleeced. He says he'll have pictures to show me tomorrow. He sends them, I okay them, we proceed. No answers to other questions I have.

9/15/12 - I check in again asking about shipping, as he seems sure he'll be done by Rainfurrest. He says he'd rather ship to the hotel, I agree despite not liking this idea. I ask him to remove the eyelids, as it makes her far too sneaky looking (I wanted a bright and happy expression).

9/19/12 - I ask him directly, is he going to send it or not. He replies he just got the right fur in that day, and assures me he thinks it'll be okay. The deadline is the coming Monday and he agrees to it.

9/19/12 - He asks me to post my fursuit on my FA page to get him some publicity, as he is moving -again- and would like to spread the word. I agreed.

9/25/12 - He states he is sending it, it will be at the con the day I get there (the 27th). However he says it was rushed, the painting isn't perfect, and there's lots more he wanted to do to it. At this point I just want to see the suit, I'm willing to just accept it as it is....

-------------------- Arriving at the Convention -------------------------

I finally get the suit. I put it on, and then find a whole host of issues making it nearly impossible to wear.

- The head is incredibly small, to the point of suffocation and neck strain on putting it on and off. The ears are so heavy, they swing and nearly knock folks to the ground. The eyes are far apart, I cannot see out. The mouth is closed, no vents, I was hyperventilating. I placed a straw in the mouth to breathe, it did not help. I had to wear the head without glasses, as it was so tight to my face.

- The torso was too short. From groin to shoulder, it was so tight I could hardly move. The arms have no movement above raising them a foot above my hips.

- The tail is attached to my groin in a way that it hangs between my legs, making walking very hard.

- I wear the suit for a total of 2 hours, taking breaks every 15 minutes to breathe properly. I try again the next night, only to give up and realize it simply does not fit. He never took measurements for my head, or my body outside the DTD.

-------------------- Year 2 -------------------------

9/26/12 - I tell him I will ship it back to him for edits, I thank him for the hard work, and explain the fixes in a big clear diagram. I very clearly tell him the edits needed and offer that I would pay for them should they be too hard.

9/30/12 - Payment of $200 to cover shipping from him to the hotel.

9/30/12 - I am promised a pair of WINGS (***Important***) on my suit for the payment of shipping Luufa back to him. (Costing a total of $150)

10/13/12 - Luufa arrives at his house and he makes an inaccurate assessment. He claims the head looked fine to him, that my body looked too loose on me. This was not the case, it was too tight and the head was too small. He believed the suit needed to be stretched out...when simply it didn't fit right in the first place. Again he mentions wings, says he'll fix the fingers and will add more airbrushing. Note none of these things are things I asked for in a diagram. I feel at this time he's darting around the real issue at hand. I AGAIN Send him a very long, clear list of what needs fixing. Head, Ears, Neck, Tail, Groin/Body, and so on. (If wanted, I can provide these emails, they are VERY long however and extensive)

12/3/12 - I check in after a long period of silence.

12/4/12 - He's moved again! He hasn't started any work on her, but will soon. Claims they hung her out in a box for a while. Another big change to how he does emails, stating he's hiring a new person to help, and that his hours are 12pm-6pm monday to friday.

1/28/13 - Checking in, Again.

1/30/13 - Claims he's shipping Luufa next week. No updates on any edits, wings, or otherwise. Says he'll take photos.

2/27/13 - Checking in, Again. He replies the same day, saying they have rodents in their stocks of fur and he's touching up airbrushing. That new fur just came in to fix Luufa but FWA (Convention) is hitting him hard.

5/4/13 - Checking in, no photos, prodding. He replies saying it's fixed then asks about the neck fluff, I state doesn't need editing. (which is fine, and at this point I just wanted to suit. I was done.)

6/12/13 - Checking in, Again.

6/15/13 - He replies with a youtube video explaining that he's been waiting 6 MONTHS for a new airbrush. He did not inform me of this 6 Months ago, I would have gladly understood. Instead, this is all I am shown, no photos or edits. I tell him that seems fine and all but what of the other edits? No response.

7/17/13 - Finally, I send him one last, final, very dissappointed email. I ask for an ETA to be sent out. After many hospital visits I was absolutely afraid I'd never get a chance to wear the finished fixed suit in all it's glory, and literally pleaded with him to just send it to me. I asked for a tracking number, I said the latest I needed it was by August of this year.

The same day he said he would send it monday. And monday he did, finally send it.

-------------------- Suit Is Here -------------------------

It arrived yesterday, 8/22/13.

The head has had no visable changes, I still cannot put her on without stress, pain, and being unable to breathe. If he altered it, there is no possibly way to tell.

The suit feels the same as it did before. The tail still between my legs, still tight in the torso, the difference is the legs feel a bit fuller.

There is a hard coated residue on the suit from the new paint, I perhaps think I can brush it out to be soft again. The white fur is now slightly stained from the new paint and is no longer white but a myriad of greens yellows and blue bits.

There are no wings.

I am very disappointed. I cannot feel, see, or find any changes in the suit. It's taken nearly 2 years to get her in my hands permanently, and I simply cannot wear her without making the edits myself.

-------------------- In closing -------------------------

Media has very severe communication issues. He takes a very long time, and while he can produce amazing results It is hard to decide if they are worth the money spent. At $2800 (+$200, +$150), I feel as though I am taking a great loss. I will not pursue anything, as in the end I have a finished product and got to wear it once. I am mostly angry about the lack of edits, the ignoring of all the times I checked in, and the fact there are no wings as I was promised. Please, if you are thinking of purchasing work from him take care to understand it takes a very long time. Give VERY detailed measurements, and be stern. Deadlines don't seem to be something his company adheres to very well either.

I wanted so badly to love this suit, but it's just uncomfortable to wear, and the 2 years it's taken to get her just really spoils my enjoyment of wearing her.

--- EDIT Aug 27th, 2013 ---

Media has contacted me, and offered to pay the bill for shipping and edits if I send it to a maker to fix the errors. Once we find someone who's suitable (and open) to do this, I'll update with where the suit is going and the agreement made regarding it. It is yet unresolved, but once it is I'll be adding the tag. We are in contact with ArtSlave, and it may be after Halloween that the suit is sent off should they agree. More to come as things progress.

--- EDIT September 14th, 2013 ---

Media has paid for shipping, and I have sent the suit off to Kilcodo costumes for editing (It's there as you read this). I've sent measurements and an email with the changes to be made. So! I'll edit once it's on it's way back to me.
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