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WHO: FoxFairy (FA), FoxFairy-art (DA), Springmoone(LJ), Vixsylph (adult art FA), Fursuits By FoxFairy (FB)


WHAT: fursuit realistic head
Later on, offered to add on a tail for free and free shipping

WHEN: December 31st, 2012


EXPLAIN: I initially bought the suit head off FoxFairy so I could share the suit head with friends. A lot of my friends where I originally lived could not afford suits so I really wanted to do something for my friends

Initial email: January 1, 2013
We had originally talked through notes but she switched to emails.

After I sent the reference I had made, I asked if one small change could be made (a small ear cuff). She seemed excited to do that and accepted without saying if it was going to be extra or not.

I cannot find the initial email FoxFairy sent me telling me the exact date the suit was finished as proof, but she had originally told me the suit head would be finished by the end of January 2013

February 13, 2013
FoxFairy emailed me back, letting me know that she finally had all the supplies. I keep saying in each email back that I really would love to see progress photos. No photos yet.

Still waiting for progress photos
Since the suit head was promised to be completed at the end of January and still nothing on photo updates, I was hopeful to have the suit head in time for my last California con before my move for school.

May 13, 2013
Nearing my move date, I was getting more and more nervous about the minimal contact. This was not my first suit I commissioned and I was accustomed to all the wip and updates I got from my last commission.

Finally Progress in June 2013
My Response
I finally see WIP photos of the suit and FoxFairy promises that the suit head will be shipped no later than July 3, 2013. She also offered to pay out of pocket for shipping and even offered to make me a matching a tail for free. I accepted the free tail offer.
She originally had offered free hands, but by the quality i had seen in her gallery, I thought I could make them better myself.

WIP photos

Inactive Everywhere

I sent one final email saying to either ship me the head and tail(or materials for tail) or give me a full refund and redo the suit head to not be the design I made. I do not know what to do at this point. A lot of FoxFairy's commissioners are now coming out and messaging each other and we are all worried.
This is not the first time FoxFairy has disappeared. I have counted at least 3 times where FoxFairy has disappeared without a trace since December 2012 and has not contacted any of her commissioners. This experience has made me feel a bit bitter and I only jumped on the commission because she had no Artist Bewares and she had decent work. I am starting to regret this decision.

EDIT:: Foxfairy replied to my last email showing WIP of the suit head. While the head is nearly finished she said, the markings are a bit off. I replied back to her email and told her what was off about the character/suit. Hair was missing. Ear cuff was missing(which we had discussed adding on one of the first emails). Markings were off for the muzzle. I still do not know what fur she used, which I requested to know from the beginning.
I do not mind delays, but as long as communication is kept. She seems to be trying to make up for what she did to her commissioners, albeit slow.
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