Thera (ANubbyCorgi) wrote in artists_beware,

Beware: Sioteru

Going to keep this brief. Around February I ordered an 8" custom feral plush from FA user Sioteru as you can see here:

I paid 105$ for the plush and shipping, in two installments. First payment was 53$ second was 55$(sent extra to cover fees, to be nice). Screencap of the payments here:

As far as I know my plush has been close to completion for the past several months. These are all the pictures of it I have:

My main grief is that he seems to have stopped being active on FA/DA. The last time I got any sort of reply out of him was via note on July 4th... He was talking about having been going through some rough times. I'm starting to worry now. I've tried to contact him via note and e-mail but I haven't gotten a reply yet. It's been almost 6 months now since I've paid and the plush has been mostly done for a lot of that time. :/

I'll keep this post updated with how things go, I feel bad because he seems to be going through a rough time and has told me some things that make me worry I won't receive my product. Since it's so close to completion from what I can see in the pictures, I hope this post can earn a "resolved" tag quickly.

Can't wait to receive my beautiful plushie from the amazing Sioteru!
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