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Dogbone, RainbowJokerHound


Originally a $140 Dollar YCH that I was outbid on but then asked if I still wished for a piece for that price I had bid.

I ordered this on May 3rd. I Gave her free paws at first.
Through the progression of this, I had to give an actual idea of my own on June 29
WIP was received on August 2
Finished Work received on August 14

Here is proof that I paid for my work.

I had originally bid on a YCH Auction. I had lost, but was prompted to buy a commission still through a PM from both her and her mate. The PMs from her are above in the WHEN section and in the WHAT section. I went ahead and payed for it, unknowing to the fact that she was supposed to do a WIP first. But she accepted my money anyway, my fault, I'm aware. She said she was in the middle of a move and she was without internet so i waited. A month later though on June 3rd I figured it was okay to see how she was faring with my work.

I didn't get any responses, and I also noted I wasn't even on her que list (also, it was 140, not 145)

I finally got a response and she had told me she hadn't even started on it yet, and needed an idea. That's in the WHAT Section of what I gave her. A little over a week of waiting, I notice again, I'm not even on que, nor have I received a WIP or anything. So I email again.

So, to cap. She 'forgot' who i was, then tried to tell me that I was 'behind other commissions' even though she said that already a month ago. Though 'more' than two artworks had been posted up between this time. I showed her a screen cap even of her saying that I would be next after those 'as she had said'. So she apologized and 'remembered' and promised to have it at least by the end of the month. Once it was the end of the month, with no WIP or anything again, I email her.

She again didn't have it done and she only had a basic sketch 'after' the month. A week later with no update i email again to see if she had progressed.

She just reverts me back to the previous WIP. So at this point of having to wait nearly 3 1/2 months for my piece I ask for either the finished work, or my money back.

I finally received my artwork, two days after that. And also to note that all the while i was waiting for mine. She was pushing out 'other' commissions that she claimed to be old. Even though that some of them were YCH Auction pieces that were prompted 'after' my commission.

And so with this whole ordeal in mind. I warn you all about this artist. This isn't the first time she's done this. But I wanted to show that she is 'still' up to it, and it doesn't matter if its a small or big amount, the result is still the same.
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