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Beware: OneFurAll Studios

WHO: OneFurAll Fursuits

WHERE: www.onefurall.com

WHAT: One fullsuit of my character Andi along with an extra set of wings, an extra tail and a wig for $2650

WHEN: September 2012 – August 2013


Explaination below cut.

EXPLAIN: After a lot of research and careful deliberation over who I thought would best construct my jackalope type character, Andi, I felt secure in my choice with OneFurAll and messaged them for a commission in mid July 2012. (I cannot remember the exact date I filled out their commission form via their website.) I received first correspondence back from the owner, Scribblefox, on July 26th , 2012. I responded immediately with the extras I had wanted that would change the general quote he gave. It took them until September 2nd , 2012 to respond back to me again. Due to the month that had elapsed since last contact, they decided to discount my commission and I agreed to pay a total of $2650. I paid in full on September 3rd, 2012. It was agreed that my fursuit would be completed in time for Rainfurrest 2013. After this, I did not receive any contact or updates from them.

July 2013 rolled around and I still had not been contacted by anyone for the measurements needed for my suit. The FAQ page on their website states that they work via measurements and that most suit construction times are 10-14 days once the project hits the working table. As we were approximately two months out from the due date of my suit, I decided to contact them to figure out if my suit would be next on the table.

After having to practically publicly out their horrible communication, I finally got them to respond to me and was informed that not only would my suit not be ready by my due date, but that it would be a whole extra year of waiting before it would be my turn. I expressed my concerns and they offered up a partial refund of $1850 or expressed that I could remain on the queue. When I expressed my dissatisfaction over the options presented to me and brought up their terms of service policy that states customers may request a refund of 30% (which would be $795 in my case) they offered to pay for the cost to ship my suit, valuing it at $300+ dollars.

I decided that I would be satisfied with this offer if they would abide by some terms and conditions I set forth to try and protect myself from this happening to me again – basically that if they failed to deliver it to me by Rainfurrest 2014 as they were promising, that they would either refund me in full or pay for shipping AND return my 30% deposit as their TOS states.

They flat out refused to accept my conditions and reiterated that they would only pay for shipping and that I would have to trust their word that it would be delivered on time next year.

When I expressed my lack of trust and concerns over continuing to do business with them, their tone became increasingly more irritated as emphasized by the underlining in their emails and trying to guilt me by saying they already discounted my suit a great deal, were offering to pay for shipping and had given me free items (???). I have NO idea what these free items were. They still were forcing me to chose between doing business with them and waiting for another year plus $300 in shipping… or taking a partial refund and basically giving them $795 for not corresponding with me for a year.

I decided working with them after being treated like this was no longer an option so I asked for a refund in full. They said they will be giving me back a partial refund and keeping the rest of my money.

While their terms of service does state that 30% of the total is nonrefundable for materials, not only have they not purchased any materials for my suit (as they don’t even know what my measurements are) but they have also basically strung me along for a year with nothing to show for it and have treated me like it isn’t their fault that they missed my deadline.

I am EXTREMELY upset over this whole situation and would not recommend that ANYONE do business with these people. I am utterly appalled at their lack of communication and furthermore, the way they handle their own mistakes.

I will be waiting for the promised refund and if I do not receive it in full, I will be contacting paypal and/or my credit card to see about getting the rest of it back…

EDIT – (August 19)

After reading one of the comments below and re-evaluating their FAQ ("terms of service"), it became clear that even if their Terms of Service entitles them to keep my deposit, their wording defines this as 30% of a 50% deposit, not the 30% of the total they are trying to withhold from me. So I have sent them another email which may be seen here:

RESOLVED - (August 19)

I received a refund in full of $2650 to my paypal account at 4:30PM PST on August 19th along with an email addressing me by the name on the paypal account (which has been censored from the screen cap for privacy concerns to my mother who's name is stuck on the account despite all other information being my own) to confirm the transaction and end the dispute. This issue may be marked as resolved between OneFurAll and myself.
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