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Sorry to send this twice, re-read it though and have removed personal information from the paypal screenshot.

WHO: Apes


WHAT: A finished plushie, [ She charges around £130 - £150ish for this size. ] Which has fallen apart.
One piece of copic art which she never finished, scanned but has never given me.

WHEN: Plushie was a trade, my part of the trade, a Sewing machine was sent early this year, late last year, which is irrelevant, however the copic piece was commissioned back in January.

PROOF: She has unfortunately deleted the journal, but here is the paypal with payment.

Here’s the copic piece, unfinished:
Spoken to Apes and a brick wall, a shadow and another layer of shading was to be added.
Not to mention the awful proportions and how rushed the image is. Very disappointed.

Here is the unsymmetrical, broken plushie.

Poor seams unfinished and falling apart.

The unsymmetrical head.
And the image supplied of the finished plushie. Note the choice of angles to hide the poor symmetry on the face.


Copic piece
The copic piece was ordered back in January. I ordered one for myself and one for my sister. Because we were friends at the time she worked on mine for a bit, then asked if she could continue on with somebody elses piece. I said okay, it’s fine, and that’s the last the piece was mentioned. Apes has continued to take on commission after commission, leaving some people waiting as long as six months for pieces of art. Piece has been seen in her art folder [ In person. ] multiple times with no intention of finishing.


Plush was made in a space of an evening and a day, I was shown progress pictures and was satisfied, was shown final image and was also happy with the results! Come the convention and the plushie is given to me. I could see loose threads, but these were the smallest of my problems, the face was completely unsymmetrical, one eye was extremely higher than the other. As we were at a convention and not wanting to cause drama, I told her I was satisfied, which is a stupid mistake I know, but I didn’t want to upset my friend.

At the convention, one other commissioner approached Apes to complain his plushies HAIR had fallen off, Apes proceeded to chuck it under the table she was sat at and said she’d repair it. Have been told that a friend of the commissioner had to fix it for him in the end.

The plushie wasn’t touched at the con and I guarded it like a mama bear, xD. When I got home I popped him on the end of my bed with all my other favourite birdy plushies. A day or so after he rolled off, which sometimes happens. I go to pick him up and his head falls off. I’m shocked. I turn the head over to see terrible tacking stitches, and poor closure. I check the other joints and they’re the same, wobbily with more threads. I put a post up on twitter, saying how shocked I was, hoping there would be somebody on there to help, what I get is a nasty message from Apes demanding to know why it was put on twitter. I understand it was perhaps a bit rude, but at the end of the day when you pay £150+ for something you expect the quality to be there and it wasn’t.

Apes has a terrible reputation for being unprofessional and proves it here again, instead of apologising and offering to fix it she tells me somebody must have picked it up when I wasn’t looking, or manhandled it. Of course the stitching was enough to tell me that it’d just been completely rushed and made carelessly. There was no apology, no offer to fix it, just “How dare you post that on twitter.” And asking if anything had been damaged, quickly putting the blame on somebody else.

As Apes has blocked me on all mediums due to personal reasons, I can only assume I’ll never receive a finished piece of my art, or an offer to fix my plushie [ Which I’ll be sending off to a friend to fix as I have a feeling if sent to her I’ll never see it again, unfortunately there is nothing they can do about the face of it. ]I just want other people to be aware in the future.

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