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Has anyone ever had any problem with the lj user, or person in general, faolanredwolf?

She order a commission from me via e-mail for two peices (I was having a deal for people, 10 bucks for one fully colored peice). She ordered two, which totals $20, plus $4 shipping. $24.
I told her I'd get working on them, and started, and was told to expect payment.

I sent her an e-mail later, letting her know that I had finished one of them, and that I still had not recieved payment. I received an "ooo pretty!" e-mail, alone with sayin there was a problem with their job or something concerning getting money. I said alright, and told he I'd wait to start the otherone when I finally received payment.

That was a month ago or so ago.

Two weeks ago I sent her another e-mail asking for an update on the situation, and nothing. :\ I'm begingin to wonder if she decided not to pay me/didn't want the item, or if shes haveing internet problems.. etc.

So I was just wondering if anyone had any contact with her, if her internet was down, or if it isn't, what should I do? This is the first problem of this sort I've had.

Thank you. :)
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