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Does improper conduct deserve a beware?

So I wanted some advice, and I'm leaving all names out until I come to a conclusion on weather or not I should post them up here. I'll be brief on the subject, but I commissioned someone exactly almost two years ago for two pictures. A week after I placed my commission they completed my first piece and told me the next would be done in the following days. Hard times fell on this artist after that, so I gave them some slack.  Since then, I was put on a reserved status slot after they'd given me a WIP of my second piece, I was cool with that, after all, It had only been two weeks since I placed my commission. Over the time I've waited, the artist has taken new commissions out of stream (and finished them), and had countless in stream commissions they've finished as well. My commission has sat in the dust, basically, for a year and 7 months to this day, and I wanted to know if it was right to post an AB on an artist's commission ethics (Example: Taking a regular slot commission, then taking a bunch more commissions and putting my commission in a 'reserved' slot after I paid for everything up front, letting it sit for almost two years, and then pumping out newer commissioner's art without budging the reserved status commissioners for this whole time).  I'm sure I could get a refund, but I really just don't agree with how the artist has handled their commissioners, and I was wondering if this is something that should be posted to artist beware, as this artist has given me trouble with my commission.
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