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Beware: Shizuworks/Chevi

WHO: Shizuworks/Shizuki/Chevi ( ( I think she has other abandoned accounts on FA, but I can't remember them. As an addendum, is it possible to request modification of her tag here to include her "Shizuworks" pen name? I feel like that might have been a reason why I never saw bewares against her, especially since that's her commission account.

WHERE: The commission offers were advertised on FA, but business was done via email.

WHAT: Two of her plush icons, a derp sheet, and a waist-up drawing and a chibi of an adoptable purchased from her.

WHEN: The derp sheet was requested May 24, 2012 and the plush icons were requested on August 12, 2012. The adoptable and the extras that came with it were purchased December 19, 2012.

PROOF + EXPLAIN: In May, Chevi offered a derp sheet commission, which I quickly jumped on. ( She said to give her a month to get to them, which I was okay with, but a month passed and I received nothing. I decided to wait a little while longer, assuming that she had been incredibly busy and she often made journals about her woes concerning bills and moving and such. Come August, she offered plush icons, which I have been completely in love with, so I purchased two. (

Months passed and she made several journals about being down on her luck, so I decided not to bother her about how my commissions were doing, but in November, I had recently updated a few of my characters, so I asked her if my commission could reflect on the recent changes. ( She responded promptly and said it'd be okay.

In December, she had an adoptable auction ( and I bought out one of the adoptables. It was a ladder sort of deal, so with the adoptable came a chibi and a shot of the character from the waist-up. ( ( I have not seen any progress of any of these commissions and even asked her how the commissions were going on June 16th. (

She has straight up said that she's no longer taking commissions (, but in order to refund some customers, she takes other commissions to replace them. But recently, I saw a journal on her deviantART where she said she was taking brand new commissions. I wish I had screencapped it before she deleted it, but I when I saw it, I felt insulted. I have been waiting a year for art that she said would have been done in a month and I felt like this was an artist I could trust after I had given her business multiple times. I hate that I let myself constantly think, "This girl is just really down on her luck." I did not know that she has so many customers still waiting after years for their work. It's not fair that she jumped ship from FA, where all her waiting customers were and on to DA to garner new interest.

I emailed her on the 8th ( asking for a hard deadline. She has agreed to it, and she said she will have my commissions complete by September 15th. I'm hoping she keeps true to her word. If she does not meet it, I will pursue a refund. It's something I would regret doing because I desperately want those plush icons.

Chevi has amazing, adorable art, but I would completely advise against doing business with her. It's not worth it to wait more than a year for art, especially when she told me it would have been done in a month.

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