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Customer issues

WHO: Anatasha (FA:

WHERE: On my business page

WHAT: 2 To be made fursuit heads on sale for $250 each, on a payment plan.
Order: I apologies for the mistypes on my end, I use a phone for most of my internet dealings

WHEN & PROOF: (See above link) Payment was sent the same day as the inquiry
Payment 1- as well as Payment 2- also on the first day (May 20th)
Payment 3-
Payment 4-
Payment 5-

I then received an email asking if the suit could be done by a certain date, as stated in my Terms of Service I do not accept due dates at this time (Link to my TOS
I am afraid I did not reply back after the note here stating if it was or was not doable.

A little while after that I received this note:

Three days later they filed a dispute with paypal for every payment they had made

After the dispute was settled in my favor because Paypal does not cover items to be made the customer sent an invoice to my paypal: I cancelled the invoice and sent a note stating that their refund would be sent on Aug 1st

Proof of refund on Aug 1st

I also sent an email with the order review shortly after the Paypal refund.

I then received this email in reply to my refund email

It all began with the customer taking two of my sale offers on a payment plan, ice cream themed puppies, I and another artist had designed, $250 per head, unfortunately I no longer have the sale posts.
Order overview:
Head 1 Neapolitan Pup- $250.00
Head 2 Mint Chip Pup - $250.00
Total order cost $500.00
Total mount paid in $250.00
Amount of nonrefundable deposit $190.00
Refund amount $60.00

The customer paid off one head ($250 total) via a payment plan which you can see above
After I received a few payments I ordered supplies. Stated in my TOS I do not start work until I get $190-$325 depending on the order, for this order of two heads, each deposit is $190 which is a nonrefundable deposit, also clearly laid out in my TOS. When I get an order and the deposit, the very first thing I do is buy every bit of supplies I need and set them aside in its own spot so when I am ready to get started, it is right there waiting. So I order the fur, the resin bases, picked up the foam, plastic, glue, thread, and fabric dye (to stay true to the ice cream colors I was going to have to dye the fur to get the desired shades) On June 11th the customer asked if the first head could be done by July 1st, in which I replied that it was rather soon and that I would have to see if it could be done. I admit I did not send a note back stating if I could or if I could not get the head done by the first.

Three weeks later the customer contacted me needing a refund due to vet costs(Please see above) which I understand, I have fuzzy babies too. No problem, I told the person a refund was fine, but it will be minus the cost of the supplies. I heard nothing back until one day I was doing something unrelated online and saw Paypal disputes for each payment the person made. I have never had to deal with anything like this before. The customer claimed that the order was to be done by July 1st, however, in my TOS it states that I do not accept due dates at this time. I called paypal and explained that this was a custom order/ something to be made, and that I had a TOS and such. The very nice paypal lady made note of all of this and also had me send an email explaining my side, my TOS, and a link to my work page. The dispute was dropped because in Paypal's user terms, they DO NOT COVER CUSTOM GOODS. Something I did not know, so I assume others do not know either.
So, still with the plans to refund the person what they paid in minus the material cost as stated in my TOS.I then received a Paypal invoice stating that if I did not pay them, they would be contacting credit cards as a last resort. Again, something I know nothing about, so I called paypal again to figure out how this would work should this person try another route to get around my TOS.
Paypal said that should this happen, they have all the dispute records on file, and their dispute department would act in my favor with all the info, including my TOS information. When I canceled the invoice the person sent me, I told them their refund would be the 1st of Aug, and again stated that their refund would be minus the nonrefundable deposit stated in my TOS, and also linked them to my TOS. Paypal said when I do issue a refund, to make it as detailed as possible so should it go to a bigger dispute, they could keep me protected. Sadly you can only put down 300 characters in the paypal payment notes, so when I issued the refund I was only able to recap the order in brief, so I then wrote an email with a recap of the order in full, which can be seen above.

Thank you for reading, any input is greatly appreciated
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