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Beware: TwilightSaint

WHO: TwilightSaint

WHERE: and

WHEN: 19th-22nd of July

WHAT: I was looking for artists to commission, and one of my friends mentioned it was easy to find people on FurAffinity thanks to the ads. This was how I found TwilightSaint. I read her Terms of Service, which at the time appeared to be fine, and skimmed through her gallery before I signed up and sent her a note. This is the first time I have commissioned an artist, and I did not know exactly what they would like in terms of references and descriptions. The entirety of our conversation is included below the cut:

(EDIT: You might have to right-click and open these images in a new tab to make them easier to read)


These were the reference images I included in my note:
Great Dane:

I did fear my description was a lacking, but when she told me it was perfect I was relieved. Her Terms of Service (under the Edits-header) do state the following:


... and I did feel a little worried when a preview sketch wasn't included (except for at an extra cost), but since my references were clear, I believed this would go smoothly.  On July 21st I received a shout on my userpage with a link to the finished image:


I was disappointed--this is clearly brown, not brindle. She had, however, included this in the image's tags:


I sent her a note clarifying that my character's coat was indeed brindle, and received a somewhat curt and annoyed reply (you can see this in the note conversation further up). I went back to look at the drawing again in case I had missed some subtler details. I did not see any traces of brindle--however, I did notice the following:

- He is looking up to the left, not straight ahead
- The collar is sloppily drawn (especially the braided patterns) and missing details, and the buckle is silver, not brass.
- She had made this reply to a commenter of hers:


I found that in extremely bad taste. This was a mistake on her part, not mine. I was polite in my request for a change, but it sounds like I am a difficult customer at this point. I decided not to mention this to her in my reply, in case she would decide to be petty against me (and at this time I did feel this was not out of her league). Come July 22nd, and I receive another shout on my page with an updated image:


... I just... I have no word for how lazily this is done. She just slapped a completely flat texture on the drawing. My character now looks like a plank. I have not communicated further with her beyond this, because I am terribly disappointed, both in what I received and how I was treated. She ignored my references and complained about me to another watcher of hers. I wish I had done more research on her before I commissioned her.

Bottom line: Her turnaround was quick, but that is the only statement from her ad I found to be correct. The art was not high quality, and the communication was anything but excellent. While I only paid $20 for this icon, it did feel like a complete waste of my money. 
Tags: artist-twilightsaint, beware
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