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Beware: nukafoxy3

EDIT: After the artist saw the livejournal she has completed and posted the artwork owed. This beware still serves as a warning about this artist, but let me be clear that this was not a scam, instead a large delay and lack of proper contact.

WHO: Nukafoxy3

WHERE: furaffinity.net

WHAT: 3 digital pictures, two chibi style and one with more details.

WHEN: paid on the february 27th, march 18 was when the 'never delivered' art was first contacted about.











I commissioned the artist for a series of three digital commissions, paid for them accordingly as seen in the first screenshot. The first picture was delivered on time, surprisingly as it was less than a week between payment and due date. The second picture was not uploaded on its due date and i noted about it, as seen in screenshot two. This note was ignored and i only got a reply on a second note 5 days later , when both the second and third images in my commissions were past their due date on delivery. Her reply is seen in screenshot 3 - one image was uploaded soon after, the second of three i paid for.

My next note to the artist was on the first of april, after quite some waiting on the third piece. This is screenshot 4, and after 8 days i got a reply and we noted back and forth, the result seen in screenshot 5. I was promised it would be done soon, and i was offered (and accepted) a wip shot, which is screenshot 6 and screenshot 7 shows my reply to it.

After another month of patiently waiting for an update, contact or the finished art, i noted again asking for an update. I did get a confusing reply, apparently pointing back to the month old sketch - this is shown in screenshot 8.

In the final screenshot, you can see i finally lost hope of receiving the art, and i requested a refund. I was told i could not get it right away, and paypal only offers support if a ticket is opened within (i believe) 45 days. Between then and now, i have contacted her once more via the furaffinity shouts but sadly do not have screenshots; i asked an update on the refund and she stated she was still in red. At the date of writing, the 28th of July, i have still not had any word from her and still do not have a refund.

I am accepting this as a loss seeing as it's been so long, and it was only four or five dollars, but i do hope i can help protect others by making this post. Not a single time was i contacted by the artist, even when the due date she agreed to passed. She is still continuing to take commissions, and has been the entire time, but is finally beginning to deliver on her months old commissions... However, in my eyes it is far too little, too late, as she never did deliver the art, let alone by the date she agreed upon.
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