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Beware: Occy/ChristineNanaruki/ChristineThePikachu

WHO: (Suspended)

WHERE: Inkbunny, My DeDraMo Journal:

WHAT: $5 (DeDraMo chibi)

WHEN: December 23rd, 2012

Also, See below

I'm sorry if you all think this post is rather useless. I know the amount was small, and at this point I am not really worried about getting my money back. I just hope that this doesn't happen to anyone else at this point! I am sorry if this is unhelpful.

Here is a link to the original journal I posted about these commissions. No information has been edited. She is underlined in blue there, and has the check mark next to her name that the commission is completed, but not paid.

Proof that the image was posted. It is not viewable to the public any longer, however it is still in my gallery hidden. Please note that the commission was completed on the 26th, however the slot was the 27th, thus it was posted on the 27th. The client received the image on the 26th.

Here is the note between her an I discussing her commission. I asked to confirm that she wanted the slot, since she had posted on my journal she wanted one, but with no information. She seemed to be interested still since she gave me a link and we exchanged some information. After that I completed her commission (I misnamed the file, however 3 minutes later I sent her the correctly named file).
I mailed her later that day (the next day for me) asking her if she had sent payment, which she did not, and still had not responded.
I mailed her again on January 7th in hopes I had just missed the payment. She did not respond.
Without hearing from her, I mailed her again on February 18th.* Again, with no response.

I had IM'ed her several times between and after this, and posted a shout on her page which was ignored. I'm sorry I have no screen caps.

*Between the time I sent her a note on January 7th and February 18th I contacted a moderator on Inkbunny about my image being in her gallery. I asked them to remove the image from her gallery, since she had not paid me yet. They kindly removed it. I was hoping this would bring some attention to my notes and she would respond to them. However, again, I still got no response from her.

My very last attempt was to contact someone who seemed to talk to her often (he is unrelated to the issue). I was hoping he would be able to direct me somewhere that she does check her messages. However in response, I was shocked to find, that she tends to this often. And if he would have "known" she was commissioning me, he would have warmed me about her practices. She does not have anyway in which she can send me money. Which is why I finally felt inclined to make this post. It has happened to an artist before me, and I wouldn't want it to happen to an artist after me.

Final: Basically this client refuses to contact me at all about my payment after I have given her the image. I would have been more than happy to work something out (as I sometimes take virtual money, art, ect as payment). However with no response from her, no matter what form of contact, I am at a loss. I have checked over my paypal payments, and all of my clients are checked off my list but her.
Artist Beware is really my last stop, and I've put it off for many months in hopes she will turn up and at least talk to me. I really feel bad about posting this, I really don't wish ANY of my transactions to come to this, however after 7 months of waiting, I am quite sad I have to make this post.
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