Kerstin Orion (kerstin_orion) wrote in artists_beware,
Kerstin Orion

Everyone please welcome our new moderator, Arphalia!

I'm so dang proud of this community. We've come a rather long way since I started as a mod several years ago. There's even a big milestone coming up, and we mods'll post more about that soon!

Because of A_B's phenomenal growth, it's tough to keep up with everything - even with six moderators! We moderators generally go through the post queue in pairs, which helps in catching potential issues and ensuring a post is suitable. With the level of evidence involved and often complicated nature of bewares, the time between post submission and approval can sometimes get delayed by a few days.

Therefore, in the interest of speeding up post review and approval (or rejection, as the case may be), we found us a new volunteer, arphalia! He'll be focusing purely on post review, in collaboration with us other moderators. Comments and miscellaneous matters will still be handled by the rest of us moderators.

With Arph being readily available for post review, we'll be able to cut down post delays, and keep up with our wonderfully busy community!!
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