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Commission Agreement Form

(In reference to my previous post.)

I figured everyone else should see a copy of the form. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the original .doc file, and had to make a gritty version in MSword. It's the exact copy, word for word, just not as tidy as the original. :P Feel free to use, artists. Any part can be adjusted to suit the client and artist prior to signature. (Like artist reselling the picture; I personally don't use this section, and cross it out before signing. Another section is the telephone number. The client could just undisclose their number if so desired.)

And until I can find a free digital signature service, I'll stick to this. (I have not researched much in digital signatures, but the few I did see weren't free. Forgive me if I'm wrong... I'm learndign 2 b smrt! :B) Thank you everyone for their opinions! They were all very useful. :)

Name/Number of Piece:
Applicable Lease/Ownership Conditions:
Amount Due:
Date Paid:
Term Limit:

By signing this agreement, you have acknowledged the ownership rights to the intellectual property of __________________. Under the terms of this agreement, you have paid a sum for the leasing of said property. (For ownership conditions continue to bottom of form.) Please be advised that the terms of this agreement can be revoked if you do not uphold the following terms:

Agreement Terms:
- The image will not be altered, and/or reproduced in any way, other than agreed upon purpose.
- Term limit for this agreement, unless otherwise noted is one full year from date of lease. You may not reuse the images, or any likeness without further permission.
- (Your name) must always be cited as the author of the image, and the use of said image is through (his/her) discretion.
- Sale of image; the image may be sold to other parties, at any time, by (Your name) without notification to the original party.
- Customized images are done with the understanding that (Your name) will hold the intellectual property rights to the image, regardless of subject matter.
- Images leased from (Your name) may not be used on websites, blogs, or other electronic media without the written consent of (Your name).

Ownership Terms:

Image ownership and all intellectual property rights of (Your name) are voided provided the following:
- The image has been purchased from (Your name) for the sum specified above.
- Ownership of the image has been transferred from (Your name) to either a second or third party.
- A written agreement has been made, specifying new/alternative ownership terms. This agreement must be made with the complete and full notification of (Your name).

Please fill out the following information:
Email Address:
Telephone Number:
Image Use/Number of Reproductions:
Purchasing Specifications:

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