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Advice Needed on Unhappy Customer

I know we've got a lot of experienced people here that may be able to help me out with some advice.

I don't really want to go into major details about my situation but I would like to hear what other people have to say. I'm currently in a situation where I did some work (a costume) for a customer, pressured into a deadline, got their item into the mail, and -after- the item was mailed I was told that they didn't really like the product photos they received.

Many of the "problems" listed may not actually be "problems," as they may be resolved once the customer receives the costume and is able to put it on. Things like ventilation, or worry that the gloves won't fit correctly. Other "problems" are things that were not discussed when a quote was given, when a payment was made, or even when reviewing prelim photos - apparently this customer was hoping for 3D eyes but never made mention of it until two weeks ago when I sent a progress photo of the furring stage, in which case they mentioned wanting "non-following" eyes, but they actually meant they wanted following eyes. (There is a bit of a language barrier as the customer is in another country and speaks another language as their primary.) Any fursuit builder can tell you that the following eyes are something that need to be put in from the beginning, and not after the head has been furred!

Anyway, I can tell from the tone of the e-mail that this customer is just going to be unhappy regardless of what I do for them. I can't make any more adjustments to the costume, because it is already en route to the customer. I did provide a few free upgrades to the costume because of delays (after having a baby I went from being able to work 8+ hours a day, to 4 hours a day absolute maximum, and I was unable to work for nearly a month due to illness and then a broken toe on my sewing foot) but now he is unhappy because the quality does not match a costume I made previously for someone that paid significantly more than he did. I get the impression that he wanted the quality of a professional fursuit maker, but wanted to pay my prices since I am an amateur.

I'm resigned to the fact that I probably can't end this business relationship on a good note, but I do want to make things right. What would you do in this situation? Offer a partial refund? Offer to re-do the work? Take back the costume and offer a full refund? Apologize profusely but leave it be? I would love your input. Thanks!

Edit: This has actually already been resolved in between the time I submitted this post for moderation and when it got approved, but I am still very curious to hear what you guys have to say!
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