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Beware: a8scond

The issue is now resolved.

(edited to be more concise)
Chryssi, tumblr user vantae (previously barascar), and FA user a8scond
WHERE: Matters were discussed through Skype conversations.
WHAT: one (1) ref sheet and two (2) icons for tumblr. Paid $48 for the pieces.
WHEN: February 28th (discussion and payment) until now. No progress has been made at all, save for a “sketch” that doesn't come near to the price paid.

The agreement/payment.
I paid part of her light bill via Avista online bill pay as a form of commission.. Right now it says the url is broken for me but it's here:
I was given her login info but paid part of her bill with my card. Her roommate was the one to give me the login info.
I don't have a paypal because my bank account is jointed with my grandfather's and he already has a paypal account, so I offered to pay part of her and her roommate's bills when they hit an extra rough patch. Were I to get my money back I would be asking for it paid to my friend instead, as she has a paypal.
This was all at the end of February, on the 28th.
Between then and now there were idle conversations about what would go on the ref sheet
Examples of such. Anything else given was clothing reference or on tumblr, which I've now lost. The last talk about it would have been approx. a week after the wip shot was uploaded (more about clothes if I remember right).
It has nothing to do with being busy, as she's done commissions for others since then. The most recent example is here:
At the time of commission we were friends and as such I didn't exactly pester her too much about this commission. There would be large frames of time when it wasn't discussed at all (weeks to a month) and the only update on the ref wasn't personally given to me, just linked on tumblr. Because of a falling out over a misunderstanding between me accidentally unfollowing her and her roommate, I feel like I'm not going to be getting my money back.
I was blocked on tumblr, and Chryssi had changed her accounts from barascar to vantae to avoid paying me back, as well as changing her skype (which I also know). I've yet to contact her again because she makes accusations that I'm harassing her, and my previous attempts to have contacted her were in vain, since she's gone ahead as blocked me. I don't want to risk her going to tumblr staff to have me IP banned.
All of this came about because of a mistake on my part where I accidentally unfollowed and didn't realize until maybe a week later, but after noticing the nasty comments made toward me thru parties involved, I didn't want to follow back, nor do I want anything to do with her further once (if) I get my money back. My message to get it back, however, was ignored and I realized I was blocked as well.

Edit: She's apparently deleted her tumblr, so I have zero access to her now.

I also have a screencap of my friend's message to Chryssi on FA over the commission, where she agreed to contact me back for the lost money.
Her last response was "alright" but I've yet to receive notification from her about anything (and given the date, it's been a long time)

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