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madeofbutts - lost contact? being ignored?

edit2: they read the note on da and no reply or anything. well, i tried.png

edit: i tried to note them to link them to the beware, but their notes are off too- not surprising... i sent them a note on their da just for the hell of it, so we'll see how this goes.

: madeofbutts@furaffinity and deviantart, cripplesandwhores@tumblr (nsfw content on fa, and maybe the tumblr)
they've also voluntarily shut off their fa account to viewers so...
when: i asked about the commission on march 1st, expressing interest in buying a piece from them and paid same day when it was confirmed
what: a single character sketch of my oc, motya- they were given two characters to choose from and told me they'd choose him

alright so, on march 1st i expressed interest in their art, jokingly making a note asking who i'd have to kill for a commission, because i wasn't sure if they were open at the time or anything! they proceeded to tell me they were open and i gave them the details about what i wanted.

right after confirming the amount with them, i sent over the $18 as directed.

they were working on other commissions- i wasn't aware of any type of queue at the time, and they were both balancing commissions and personal work, or so it seemed, so i was patient, and left them alone.

the only other note i sent them was abouuut a week or so later? about inquiring that i had more work for them to do in the future, explaining a character i recently developed and if they'd be willing to add it to their list when they finished all of their work. i don't think i ever got a reply? the note isn't really worth showing as it's irrelevant to this commission, but i thought i'd mention it anyway, because, i dunno, maybe it bothered them? it was of content they liked, so..

anyway... fast forward to .. one? two months ago? where their uploading was scarce, and after the drought of art, a blurry pencil photo was uploaded explaining their situation and how they'd be unable to work due to some irl issues that weren't directly explained, just implied, so, of course i didn't really bother them at the time.

but, just a few days ago i decided to check in on them since i recently saw their tumblr, where they're uploading work.. (or.. art at least. most of it is tagged gift art and personal stuff so i'm doubting it's commission stuff) and sent this note. i nudged them on tumblr with an ask i didn't think of screencapping, saying that i did indeed left a note on their fa account, just in case they were inactive there, as there's been no recent uploads aside from that pic that has since been deleted, and that's the only reason why i decided to check, assuming that they deleted the image because it was no longer relevant. the screenshot also has proof that it's been read, but they never replied to it.

so, a little miffed about it, i sent them an ask, being more firm about it, thinking bringing up a warning about a-b if they don't respond would make them a little more.. attentive to the situation? i've waited 4 months with little to no progress as far as i can tell, and i'm a bit worried about their 'if you bother me a lot i'm going to take longer on your commission' policy on their front page of their fa that, i don't know if it was there when i commissioned them or not, but i hope it doesn't mean that because i asked once, a day or two ago about it, that they're just going to start ignoring me over it.

.. as i'm writing this a few days in advance, if things don't look up, i decided to send them a note on fa too, just in case tumblr breaks or whatever and they don't get it. but this time i specified if i didn't get a reply and/or refund by the end of the week, i'd post the beware.

as i resubmit this, i've learned they like... disabled their fa page. i'm really not sure how to go about this anymore..

all in all, i'm pretty disappointed. i really like their work- hell, i adore their style, but the fact they're actively uploading on tumblr and ignoring me concerns me a little. especially when it was an innocent note, checking in on things since they deleted the image that notified people of their rl issues, which usually means it's no longer really relevant to keep up. i'd expect to get something back- hell, an 'okay, i've seen your note' on tumblr would've sufficed, or just a reply back to my note or just... anything. not this ignoring and then they disable their page so i can't even reach them through the place where they conduct business.
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