24huskies (24huskies) wrote in artists_beware,

Commission trouble, need help!

Hi everyone, I have been following this community for a while since I commissioned an artist, and having constant trouble with them. I really need some advice.

I commissioned the artist for 2 pieces of very expensive digital art, the first piece was completed after some trouble. The artist started on the second one and I paid them in full because I thought I could trust them, but after that a lot of trouble started. They would give me all kinds of excuses for not being able to work on it, and promises to send me updates but never send them unless I send angry emails. It has been over 6 months already, and I have asked for a refund but the artist only replied with a rude email and called me names. I have tried to reason with the artist but it is always ignored.

I am sick of this and I don't think commissions should be this difficult. Does anyone have suggestions of what I can do or say, except to threaten the artist? I do wish to sort this out with the artist instead of posting their names. Thank you!
Tags: advice for commissioners

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