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My own drawing was sold and I didn't get anything from it

WHO: CheshireKenny
WHAT: My own drawing was sold and I didn't get anything from it
WHEN: Since 2013 May

At first, my intention was to make a journal where the responsible person would remain anonymous. It was in June. It didn't get accepted by the administrators, and I received the advice of making a second journal just if I had the intention of mentioning names. I was a bit scared, since it's the first time a situation like that happens in my life, but I also felt that I couldn't keep silent about this anymore.
I decided waiting a bit more of time, hoping that I could solve things alone. Unfortunately, I couldn't. And that's the reason I decided to make this second entry.This time, I also made screenshots of everything I could.

Update (07/19/2013): I just checked my e-mail now and I saw a Paypal payment from CheshireKenny. After months, I finally got my part of the money, probably thanks to this journal. I appreciate all the help and feedback received here, thanks a lot.
If any administrator feels the need to delete this entry, please feel free to do so.

So, let's go back to the beginning.
CheshireKenny noted me in DeviantART asking if I would let him sell one of my drawings as an adoptable, giving me personal reasons to do so.
For some reason, I was a bit naive and I let him sell it, with one condition: He would give 50% of the money of the "adoptable" he sold.

I took a screenshot of the auction, where he clearly states this in the description, in case he deletes it

And then he sold it for $10 dollars. Actually, he didn't tell me he sold, I had to go on the page and check myself.
Waiting for contact, with no reply, I sent him a note telling my Paypal adress.
But instead of receiving my payment, I just received lost of personal excuses.
I removed the screenshots about the personal excuses I received because a moderator though it would be better to leave them out of the post, since the most important part aren't the excuses, but that an agreement was made and I still didn't receive my payment.

I also tried contacting the buyer, but I'm afraid there is nothing we could do.

The week passed, and nothing.
After more weeks. I sent a note again asking when he would pay me. And as I suspected, I got more and more excuses. And they became even more dramatic, for my surprise.

After another month, today, I made a public comment in one of his/her journals, to check if he
would hide it. And I actually got rude replies from it.
In case the comments are hidden: http://sta.sh/01t39sf56hlf

I know this is partially my fault, I shouldn't have trust someone I barely know, I should have sold the drawing myself and then later gave him half of the money.
I wonder if this person meets the requirement to be in Artists Beware site, because I noticed that he doesn't have a single drawing in his gallery that was made by him. He is selling others people art, just like mine. And probably they are falling for his trick and letting them to guilty trip them, exactly like he did with me.

I'm just lucky he didn't sell my adoptable for a high value (as far as I know). But at the same time I'm scared he might steal much more money from other artists.

I also think it's important to state that the copyright of the drawing is still mine. I'm really sorry for the buyer, but I can't consider this transaction valid until I receive my money. And it'll probably never be valid, because I don't have hope that I'll be paid anymore.
Tags: artist-cheshirekenny, resolved

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