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Beware: Synxirazu-niam

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WHO: Synx, AKA Synxirazu-niam, Dan, Benefactor, and other random Steam names.

WHERE: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/synxirazu-niam

WHAT: Digital art, or art of some case. The main point of this Beware post is to alert all potential people of his dodgy dealings over the past years, and as I'll say later in the post, while he's atoned for his mistakes I believe his past actions still warrant a Beware.

WHEN: 30 April 2011 - 13 February 2013

Initial Payment

Roughly a year later when I requested the art be changed due to a falling out with the other person in the picture

Email I sent (no reply) 9 months later after he removed me off Steam for asking about my commission too often

Eventual refund, just under 2 years later

EXPLAIN: Unfortunately a lot of the contact was made via Steam, however I have a variety of screencaps to prove transactions and such. However, this is the rough chain of events:

1. Order art of varying kinds/amounts from Synx.
2. Wait up to two years for it to be done, meanwhile he posts gift pictures, music, and various journals about why he can't be bothered to do art (examples include: being fired from a Wal-Mart job, having a sore hand (yet he was on Steam on a daily basis playing a tonne of games), and other similar complaints).
3. It took two years of berating him until I personally got my money back. I've been told "everyone got their money back", I cannot verify this - however the fact remains he jerked a lot of people, myself included, around for years which is a very, very poor business ethic.

In my case, I ordered my picture (a one-page comic) in April 2011. Between then and February of 2012, I followed Synx, waiting for my piece. I asked him every few weeks/monthly for an update, the usual response being "it's on the list" or "I'll get to it later". February 2012, I requested to change the art content, which he agreed to do. Then the same thing happened between then and November the same year, I continued to ask him for an update. Several journals were put up near the end of the year, sometimes saying he was going through his "list of art to do" and other times "that he'd refund everyone when he could". These have all been deleted. Around November he removed me off Steam, meaning I could no longer contact him about it. I posted on his journals but never got a reply. About this time I received notes from another customer of his who saw my comments and told me he was going through the same thing. I contacted the only mutual friend of his, and received his email address. I sent him an email, but received no reply. After getting the mutual friend to poke him again, he re-added me to Steam to say my refund would be there within a month. Three months later, with zero contact from him on Steam, I finally received an eCheque on Paypal - 5 days later I had my money back.

I want to stress that point - he did indeed refund me, which is admirable. However, his excuses, his timeline, and general business attitude should not go unnoticed. My main reason for posting this now, is after he disappeared from FA multiple times, and not long after refunding me, he has recently become active on the site again and has started taking commissions again. I think that just about sums it all up.
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