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Beware: Lady Anastacia

I would like to warn the art community of a user who goes by the name of Lady Anastacia on a website called Pony Island. Pony Island (PI) has a forum for adoptables, as well as being a site to breed and sell ponies based on the MLP franchise. Lady Anastacia is attempting to leave PI without completing payment to myself and the user, ninjaofcheese, on an adoptable. Her email may be the only constant if she tries to start these adoptables on another website.

This user contacted her mailing list for ponies in search of artists to start an adoptable for her, on April 12th, 2013: Link

I contacted her on behalf of myself and a friend (ninjaofcheese on PI), stating we both do art and would be interested in doing an adoptable for her: Link 1 & Link 2

This screenshot shows our payment agreement: Link

Our list of pony reserves, as per our payment agreement: Link 1, Link 2 & Link 2

On April 21, 2013, I received my first pony reserve as partial payment for the adoptable. Here is his link with dates of previous owners at the very bottom: Link

Both myself and ninjaofcheese worked on the art for her, sending her files as we finished them, via my email. We had only gotten the child stage done, banners and a cert when she decided to jump into the Adoptable Intros - should have been red flag number 1 for us. On PI, adoptables are required to go through a 3 week introduction stage where they must give away adoptables. The adoptable does not have to be 100% done before starting intros, but it was highly suspect that she started without warning to myself or ninjaofcheese. Only after completing the 3 week course can they start selling the adoptables. Here is a screenshot of our emails to Lady Anastacia and her intros thread: Link 1 & Link 2

On July 7, 2013, I received a private message from Lady Anastacia on PI, being told she planned to leave the site, sell her accounts and ponies. She claimed our reserves as payment for the adoptable would be completed by the new pony owners, but on PI, rules state that new owners of bought ponies have no obligation to keep to the previous owner's wishes. Screenshot of Lady Anastacia's PM: Link

After this PM, it should be noted that she sent a PM to her pony mailing list about her decision to leave PI and would try to keep their reserves: Link

Before ninjaofcheese and I could respond to Lady Anastacia, due to the fact I was compiling these screenshots and taking the matter to the site MODs, Lady Anastacia started her threads to sell off her ponies. It should also be noted that in the sales threads, no where does it state there are reserves on the ponies being sold. Here is the screenshot of one of her sales thread and the link to it: Link 1 & Link 2

After discussing with a MOD about what we could do, the decision was since ninjaofcheese and I were not paid in full, the art was still ours and we had the rights to them, not Lady of Anastacia. I messaged Lady Anastacia of our decision and her curt reply, as well as misunderstanding: Link

Due to her misunderstanding, I typed up a response to explain. Upon attempting to send it, I was told I had been blocked by her and was unable to send her a message. Ninjaofcheese attempted to send the message as well, but was also blocked. Screenshot of my reply: Link

After that, the MOD I was in contact with said I should just send the transaction for the 1 pony reserve I had received, just so Lady Anastacia had no reason to point fingers and say we had stolen from her. She did not accept the trade though, so there was nothing else to be done.

So as it stands right now, she is still selling off her ponies and most likely soon her accounts. Ninjaofcheese and I plan on reworking the adoptable to something more of what we would like and either sell them or use them ourselves. These are the original lines that Lady Anastacia has the files for and may (or may not) attempt to use in the future: Link
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