Dani (kayla_la) wrote in artists_beware,

Beware: Mixi Pony

Mixipony at Deviantart, Mixi at Weasyl, Askmixipony at Tumblr

WHERE: She first contacted me asking for a trade on Weasyl, and I took it to Deviantart when responses on Weasyl became sparse

WHAT: A coloured sketch art trade

January 20th 2013 First contacted about trade, I agree, we trade references and info
January 20th 2013 She notes with WIP, link leads to this, I approve, ask for small change
January 24th 2013 I send a sketch
January 24th 2013 I send finished version
Unsure which day She uploaded it to tumblr
January 26th 2013 She comments on image, says her half will be done 'soon'
March 6th 2013 I ask for update on weasyl, get no reply
March 14th 2013 Notice she's been quiet/inactive on Weasyl, check up on her DA where she is VERY active, receive no reply
March 19th/22nd 2013 I try again, finally receive reply
May 11th 2013 Waited a while, asked for update
May 13th 2013 Receive note on Weasyl, am told she will work on it after commissions
June 12th 2013 Waited a while, asked for update, received no reply
June 19th 2013 Try again on Deviantart, as her Weasyl again seems inactive, receive no reply to this day
June 20th 2013 She opens for more commissions before finishing her half of our trade despite her last Weasyl note, I inquire in journal, receive no reply
Various times Throughout timespan, she repeatedly opens up for requests and commissions, though this is the only instance I capped, you can find more scattered throughout her tumblr and deviantart
UPDATE: July 3rd 2013 Mixi has contacted me after being alerted to this post, giving me several reasons as to why she has neither done her half nor replied to me, and ordering me to remove the post on tumblr (which I had nothing to do with)
UPDATE 2: July 3rd 2013 We have come to an agreement via DA. She will design a pony OC for me in exchange as it seems to be easier for her to draw ponies over anthro characters. I will update once I have received the art.
UPDATE 3: July 16th 2013 She has delivered a design. I will be tweaking it a little (I'll make my own ref sheet for her, not edit Mixi's art, of course) but I'm otherwise satisfied, other than having been unable to get her to reply to me to answer a question even though she's been active. So I suppose the biggest takeaway is that communication is difficult at best with this artist.

EXPLAIN: Contact was great until she received my half. I would have asked for updates far less often (I understand it can look pushy just going by the timeline) if it hadn't been so difficult to get her to reply to me. You can see she is very active on Deviantart and tumblr and has done many personal works, requests, and commissions since initiating our trade. There is no good reason she couldn't have finished a coloured sketch by now. At the very least, she could take a minute to reply to me and keep me updated. It is clear I am being ignored and treated as not important because this is a trade, despite it being one she asked for.

I also felt she tried to move the discussion back to Weasyl (despite her clearly being inactive there)so the public would not see someone constantly asking for updates, and was irritated to find she had opened for more commissions before finishing her half, despite claiming she would finish it after her last batch.

I do not recommend accepting a trade from this artist.
Tags: artist-mixideer/mixipony, resolved
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